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Upcoming Music Concert in Jan 2013

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Bharat Natyam

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Here are the list of popular upcoming music concerts happening in Jan 2013

Pt. Ravi Shankar Memorial Evening:

Concert Date: Jan 03 2013
Concert Venue: Epicentre
Concert Time: 07:30 PM

Concert in Delhi

In the fond memory of Bharat Ratna Pt. Ravi Shankar, Tantra Healing, an evening of soul ful music on sitar by Acharya Biswajit, accompanied by G Shekhar on harmonium, Sukant Bajpaye on Tabla & Niranjan Rao on Sankha and Ghantee.

Plok Live at Hard Rock Cafe:

Concert Date: Jan 03 2013
Concert Venue: Hard Rock Cafe
Concert Time: 09:00 PM

Music concert at Hard Rock Cafe in Delhi

In 2010, pursuing an ever-existing fantasy of making music together, in a rather befuddled state,(Neeraj, Anirudh and Rahul) picked up a guitar and started plucking an undeniably 'pop' riff. Contrary to their music preferences, they started bouncing to it and they had an interesting melody going. That night saw the birth of 'In a sense' and 'Plok' too. From there they moved on to recruiting the brightest musical talent in the city: Tushar, Yugank and Aveleon to create the freshest sound, as described by others, that makes Plok what it is today.

Landmark Play Station All-Stars Battle Royale Gaming Challenge:

Event Date: Jan 05 - Jan 06 2013
Event Venue: Landmark
Event Time: 12:00 PM, Event occurs daily

Landmark Play Station All-Stars Battle Royale Gaming Challenge

Landmark, India's leading book and music retail chain gives the gaming enthusiasts a reason to rejoice as it hosts the Landmark PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royal Gaming Challenge presented by Play Station which will be held at 10 different Landmark stores across 6 cities.

The challenge is on the game 'Play Station All-Stars Battle Royal on PS3 and is open to all. Contenders can pick their choice of character and winner will be the one with the maximum kills in 2 minutes against the AI (PS3).

Concert Date: Jan 05 2013
Concert Venue: India Habitat Centre (IHC)
Concert Time: 07:00 PM

Live music concert by Indranil Banerjee

Ever Popular Melodies of Kishore Kumar by Indranil Banerjee. Collab: Impresario India.

Soulful Sunday with Ehsaas:

Concert Date: Jan 06 2013
Concert Venue: blueFROG
Concert Time: All Day

Upcoming Music concert tickets Delhi

Ehsaas is a Contemporary Indian Gospel band from Bangalore. Ehsaas brings you a unique collection of meaningful inspirational gospel songs packed with contemporary music. Ranging from electronic to acoustic, the music is highly engaging and rings in your ears again and again even after listening. Moreover, with unique singing styles of Satish, Sumith and Bijoy, the album offers variety in the songs. Ehsaas communicates the meaning of God's love and encourages walking with the Lord always acknowledging His blessings and His presence. Ehsaas is a contemporary Christian gospel band with power packed music, inspiring lyrics and high-energy vocals with the ability to create deep positive impact in the hearts of the listener.

Samagamam - Fusion music:

Concert Date: Jan 08 2013
Concert Venue: Epicentre
Concert Time: 07:30 PM

Upcoming music concerts in Delhi

Samagamam, a presentation of fusion music by Indian and Western style by Samir Sarkar & group from India & US with Mohiniyatam, Bharatnatyam and Kathak recital by the disciples of Jayaprabha Menon.

NRI Music and Dance Festival 2013 - Day 1:

Concert Date: Jan 09 2013
Concert Venue: Epicentre
Concert Time: 07:30 PM

Music and Dance Festival 2013

Visit here for getting more details about Music and Dance Festival 2013, an evening of Bharatnatyam recital by Tanya Saxena, disciple of Saroja Vaidyanathan, Kathak Duet by Prachi Dixit and her disciple Khalil Alashar from USA

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