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Agnee Band Live at Lemp Brewpub and Kitchen in Gurgaon, Delhi

Agnee Band started this concept called Create with Agnee a few months ago. and said let’s involve all our fans in our music creation process. Launched the first song (the Splitsvilla theme) and asked people to write lyrics. 

Agnee Band Live Performance in Gurgaon
Got brilliant response, picked three winners (Jaya, Khurram and Neeraj). Went great. (And for all of you who have been waiting forever for the release of the song with lyrics, it’s happening by the end of this month).

The energy of this vibrant bunch of students at the Faculty of Technology and Engineering of Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, who organised PARAMARSH ‘09; a zonal, non-tech annual event/fest could be felt all the way here in Pune.

Agnee Band Music Show

Live and Loud performance by Agnee Band – famous for The Avengers, Cocktail (Yaarian), MTV Splitsvilla & MTV Roadies. Agnee was formed in 2006 and soon signed by Sony BMG. It is one of very few Indian rock bands to have signed a major label record deal.

Agnee Band Music Concert

Agnee is an Indian rock band based in Pune. The band's debut album 'Agnee' was released on May 15, 2007. Since then, they have released several singles and used an Internet - based free distribution model to gather a large following in the rock music circuit in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi and Ahmedabad. The band continues to extend its reach across India through their 'Create with Agnee' venture in collaboration with Radio Mirchi.

Agnee Band Pune upcoming show

Agnee's music is a collective of individual styles of composing and performing: Koco with his Classic rock, Pop and Indian influences and Mohan with his Carnatic and Hindustani classical influences. Agnee's music showcases all of the above and the compositions in the first album vary in style accordingly. The songs move in genre from Folk rock and Pop-Rock to straight up Pop, and incorporate elements of Funk, Jazz and Carnatic music as well.

Agnee Band Live Show

Agnee Band Cast and Crew:

K Mohan - Vocals
Koko - Guitars
Varun Venkit - Drums and Percussion
Rushad Mistry - Bass Guitar
Michael pereira - Rhythm Guitar
Nitin Joshi - Sound Engineer
Miti Abhikari - Mix and Master
Jai Row Kavi - Drums
Ajay Parekh - Sound
Shelle - Lyrics

There are lot of events are going on in Delhi. visit us and win a free pass for your favourite ongoing events in Delhi.

On Going Events in Delhi

All you singers out there, this is your chance to sing with us on stage

Agnee music concert Gurgaon

Record a song with us and also sing for upcoming Bollywood Film, Gulaab Gang, for which Agnee are music directors!!

Agnee Band live in Concert

Listen to our new songs on the audio page (Kaise Ho Tum and Jee Lay Abhi)

Live concert in Delhi

No fuss, no forced reality, no drama… just singing

Best Band performance

Visit us to get details all the upcoming music concerts happening in India.
Agnee Band Live performance show

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Sufiyana Ehsaas with Satinder Sartaj live performance at Janakpuri Delhi

(Images credit: Agnee Facebook page)

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Best Upcoming events in Bangalore 2013

You might be searching for the upcoming events that will be happening in 2013. New years 1st month just pass away with sweet and sour experiences, and people waiting for new upcoming events happening in Bangalore.

Bangalore is a world-class city that attracts people from all over the world. Bangalore is known for its temperate weather. Since Bangalore is a world-class and most happening city of India, so there are plenty of events happen continuously, so don't miss them. You can see here some of them.

Synchronized Swimming Show on 02 Feb 2013:

Event Date: Feb 02 2013
Event Venue: Global Swim Centre
Event Time: 6:00 pm Event duration: 2:00 hrs

Synchronized Swimming Show

The pool is all set for London Olympic 2012 Silver & Bronze winning Royal Spanish Swimming Federation that will be in town next month to showcase some of their finest synchronized swimming routines. A group of 17 water fairies with their glamorous costumes glistening in aqua blue water will make their sport look graceful from the poolside. The synchronized swimmers will perform two shows to enthrall the audience on 2nd And 3rd Feb in Global Swim Centre.

Swimming show in Bangalore

Some of India's excellent swimmers like Saurabh Sangvekar and Shikha Tandon who have won laurels across the world. Indian girls have the potential to participate in Synchronized Swimming at international sporting arenas in years to come and to keep the Indian Flag flying high, says Sebastian, organizer of the event.

The Mermaids Synchronized Swimming Show

Synchronized Swimming and Rhythmic Gymnastics are the only events in the Olympics where all-female teams compete. Synchronized Swimming also popularly known as Water Ballet is a perfect blend of mind-boggling acrobatics, grace, coordination and art which is in sync with harmonized music.

The Mermaids - Synchronized Swimming Show is one of the best weekend events happening in BangaloreThis is an opportunity to witness a display of human excellence which is bound give you a feeling of exhilaration.

Acting Workshop in Bangalore from 02 Feb to 02 Mar 2013:

Event Date: Feb 02 - Mar 02 2013
Event Venue: The Golden Bead School
Event Time: 03:00 PM, Event occurs every Saturday duration: 4:00 hrs

acting workshop in Bangalore

Acting Workshop for Theatre, TV & Films - with special impetus for TV sitcom acting and comedy. Cult entertainment Bangalore 's more eminent entertainment company is bringing to you an acting workshop in Bangalore that encompasses different styles of acting viz theatre, TV, films with a special impetus for TV and comedy.

The workshop promises both fun and learning, where in the teaching is through a medium of exercises and activities . The workshop will cover methods of acting, body and voice, stage basics, camera classes, discussion of scenes from famous sitcoms,films etc .

Mathura Kalauny's - DASHA 'Collage Of Four Powerful Plays':

Event Date: Feb 07 2013
Event Venue: Alliance Francaise de Bangalore
Event Time: 7:15 pm Event duration: 2:00 hrs

Theater plays in Bangalore

A hilarious story of a man and a genie in a very strange situation. Kalayan brings to you a collage of four powerful stories by renowned authors, depicting four states of existence. Different lives, different situations. Humor. Satire. Theater and Drama plays

Kafan ( Premchand) -
Chirag Ka Bhoot (Mathura Kalauny) -

Prameelarjuniyam – Theater Play Bangalore on 07 Feb 2013:

Event Date: Feb 07 2013
Event Venue: Ranga Shankara
Event Time: 06:30 PM Event duration: 2:00 hrs

Prameelarjuniyam  Play at Rangashankara in Bangalore

Shakespeare's intertwined love polygons begin to get complicated from the start-Jayantha and Vasantha both want Kairave but she only has eyes for Jayantha. Bad news is, Kairave's father wants Vasantha for a son-in-law. To know more about this play follow this link Prameelarjuniyam – Play at Rangashankara in Bangalore.

Miss Sadarame - Play in Bangalore:

Event Date: Feb 07 2013
Event Venue: Ranga Shankara
Event Time: 06:30 PM Event duration: 1:45 hrs

Miss Sadarame Play in Bangalore

Eminent theatre person K.V. Subbanna improvised the story of Sadarame as Miss. Sadarame, which was originally scripted by Bellave Narahari Shastry.

Samashti's experiment on Sadarame is cleverly plotted and even bit different from the original story. The story revolves around an innocent middle class girl Sadarame, whom a prince got attracted to. He wanted to marry her. Eventually he sacrificed his kingdom to his greedy father-in-law and left the kingdom along with the newly wed Sadarame. Unknown to the new world, Sadarame was exposed to difficult circumstances from the cunning travelers of the story. By using her intelligence Sadarame managed to escape from all troubles and finally remains as Miss. Sadarame.

Unmaad 2013 - KK Live In Concert on 09 Feb 2013:

Event Date: Feb 09 2013
Event Venue: IIM Bangalore
Event Time: 6:30 pm Event duration: 2:30 hrs

Cultural festival of IIM Bangalore

Unmaad 2013, the Cultural festival of IIM Bangalore proudly presents the phenomenal singer and performer, KK. One of the most versatile singers in the country, KK's popularity transcends all language barriers. He is a singer whose talent is not limited to any genre or language, and has delivered innumerable hits in his illustrious career.

KK has performed at numerous concerts throughout the country, enthralling HIS audience each and every time. And now, it's Bangalore's turn to be enchanted by his magic. So come, be a part of a musical extravaganza at IIM Bangalore.

Love @ 90s - Biju Nair Music show in Bangalore:

Event Date: Feb 16 2013
Event Venue: Sathya Sai Samskruta Sadanam
Event Time: All Day

Music show in Bangalore

Re-live those glorious moments of Love... fall in love with love once again... After 'Rafi Revived' and 'Trayee' Antardhwani is back once again with biggest melodies of the 90s for the First time ever in Bangalore on this Valentine's Weeken

Biju & Runa along with their team of talented singers and musicians present to you 'Love@90s' - a Musical extravaganza of the New Year 2013. Love is in the air and Bangalore would witness for the first time, the freshness of the 90s, the youthful melodies rendered by the best voices in the Indian Film industry.

For more details of upcoming events buzz on

Food and Dining Guide | Restaurants Guide for Most Happening 19 Cities of India

It is obviously beyond the imagination to describe every restaurants of India in a single blog, but we can explain about food and dining culture of every city. Consider this miniature India's restaurant guide a collection of culinary highlights as per the city, that many eateries are sure to enjoy. It does not showing every option, but it will give you some great ideas for dining in India as per the region. The following 19 cities are the most happening cities of India, just find out the best cuisine and places to eat at given 19 cities.

Delhi, NCR in India has a wide selection of restaurants that appeal to any taste preference. This guide to all of the best eateries in the Delhi area will help you decide which ones you should visit, even if you must go out of your way to get there. Most of the restaurants are located in the Delhi city proper, while several cuisines are located at nearby city. Most restaurants feature modern Chinese cuisines and they prepare mainly Chinese dishes. Excluding it there are lot of Mexican, Italian, American, Thai and lot of Indian regional restaurants. Some cafes are also popular in Delhi.

If you are looking for fine dining restaurants in Bangalore, you should check out to getting popular cuisines which is famous for its beef and non-red meat dishes. Whatever kind of restaurant you need, you would surely find it in Bangalore. You could search for your choice of restaurants by cuisine or by locality.

fine dining restaurants in Bangalore

When you are visiting Mumbai, you could taste the superb cuisines of Mumbai. Here you have a chance to try the great International cuisines. These include Italian, Mexican, American, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, European, French, German, Greek, Iranian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish and so on.
Restaurants in Mumbai

Many of the restaurants are located just few steps away from the Juhu beach or even five minutes away from there. There are so many restaurants in Juhu Mumbai that offer lots of fresh food and best ingredients selected for eateries who love and enjoy eating out every day.

If you are looking for going out and tasting fresh quality and yummy food in Chennai, let us recommend you some of many quality restaurants in Chennai that you should go and enjoy your tasty meal. This very imaginative restaurant is constantly changing its menu to take advantage of the seasons and probably to satisfy the creative desires of the chef.

quality restaurants in Chennai

If you are in the mood for South Indian food, then go-to Andhra food cuisine and restaurants in Hyderabad. It is a relatively upscale eatery featuring restaurants that craftily balances unique dishes with traditional south Indian offerings.

Andhra food cuisine and restaurants in Hyderabad

Fans of traditional South Indian cuisine have a variety of great options at their disposal. Most of the finer restaurants in Hyderabad make a point of offering quality food that offer all the south Indian as well as North Indian dishes.

Ahmadabad is the best place of India, It is in Gujarat so the most preferred food is Gujarati Only. But don't think all restaurants serve only Gujarati dishes. There are plenty of beautiful cheap restaurants in Ahmadabad they serve all national and International dishes. In Ahmadabad you will find Asian, Chinese, European, Continental, fast food, Italian, American, Lebanese, Mediterranean, Mexican, Punjabi, Kashmiri and so on.

cheap restaurants in Ahmadabad

What would you like to eat? It does not matter what your answer, Ahmadabad will have at least one place that can prepare the meal for you.

It is a city with refined taste buds and an appetite for global cuisine. This small effort at providing a Ahmadabad restaurant guide should give you an idea about the city's offering food.


 best dining places in Allahabad.

Due to the competition between businesses in a city like Allahabad and Ahmadabad, it is difficult to find a good restaurant easily. This is a little self guide on some of my favourite dinner restaurants in Allahabad. By following this link you will get best dining places in Allahabad.

Bhopal is known as the City of Lakes for its various natural as well as artificial lakes and is also one of the greenest cities in India. Bhopal is a historical place and a consequence of this is that there are hundreds of top restaurants in Bhopal, with newer and more exclusive restaurants opening all of the time. 

top restaurants in Bhopal

Bhopal is not too much famous, so according to its fame there are less international restaurants, but so many Chinese, Gujarati, Hyderabadi, Mughlai, Barbeque, Kashmiri, Maharashtrian, South Indian, North Indian and Indian regional restaurants are available there. The Town bounds with all Indian Cuisines. Ideal on a summers evening with a casual stall and the beach which is 2 minutes away from most of the restaurants in Bhopal.

Chandigarh cuisine is somewhat legendary as one can see by the number of restaurants and eating zones scattered across the city. Let us check out just some of the hottest ones. The major food category in Chandigarh restaurant is Punjabi food, In fact, as far as food and restaurant goes, Chandigarh is like a galaxy with a million stars, there are endless categories of food restaurants. 

Chandigarh restaurant

They serving unlimited drinking package, best bar restaurants, best bistros, best sea food, and best breakfast options.

Cochin, is a major port city on the west coast of India by the Arabian Sea. It is very famous for seafood restaurants. Instead of seafood whatever your dining preference, Cochin is sure to have it, and a feast of additional options to try too! This special destination provides such a distinctive experience for its visitors, and dining here is just part of the blend that combines to create it.
Best cuisines in Cochin

There are plenty of options for those looking to experiment in their culinary tastes and looking to get a taste of Indian cuisine restaurants in Cochin and spices through sampling some of the tantalizing array of food offered here.

It is the second largest city after Chennai in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is the second largest urban agglomeration in the state and known among as one of the fastest growing Tier-II cities of India. The city stands for various aspects such as education, urbanisation, hospitality, IT industries, economy, commerce, branded accessories etc. Hence, it is the most important and inevitable city of Tamil Nadu.

new restaurants in Coimbatore

So as per the growing of IT a lot of new restaurants in Coimbatore has opened now days. Now days There are so many Chinese restaurants, Confectionery restaurants and multi cuisine restaurants are available there.

The city of Goa has boomed because its having international tourist spot. There are lot of hotels and restaurants in Goa that are the main thing of the city's success. As with many such places, the experience you get is what you are willing to work for and food is no exception. 

Best Goa restaurants

Now days in Goa you can see Burmese, Chinese, coastal, seafood, confectionery, continental, European, Fast food, French, Gujarati, Italian, Lebanese, Mexican, Mughlai, Punjabi, South Indian, North Indian, Thai and Tibetian food restaurants. The Goa restaurants dining experience is a real pleasure due to the availability of massive variety in such close proximity, from locals who continue to cook simply spectacular Peruvian food to foreigners who fall in love with the place and stay to set up restaurants with delicious fusion menu.

Jaipur is also known as Pink City of India. This is a guide as to what and where the best restaurants in Jaipur are?. Jaipur has a wide variety of cuisines evident in the many restaurants, food joints, cafes and even on the streets and hawkers stalls. 

Top Jaipur restaurants

Not so surprising, street foods are really good cleanly prepared. From Pizza to noodles, each restaurant has their unique specialty so the choices are abundant and foods here never go out of style.

I have lived in Kolkata for over 10 years and have eaten at almost all cuisine restaurant in Kolkata. If you are out of townees or live in Kolkata you will find you answers here. If you are looking for the best breakfast restaurants in Kolkata then you will ever have go through buzzintown to find your expected restaurant. 

best dining places in Kolkata

The Good Food Guide in Lucknow to the best places to eat, buzzintown showing some of the top rated restaurants. For outstanding restaurants, buzzintown has the list of cuisines where people has given there reviews on cafes, bars and restaurants. You can select as per your choice. All the listed restaurants of buzzintown has got best user reviews and rating. It provides experience by the public and complete information on contact details and location.

Restaurants guide in Luchnow

There are several areas for dining choices in Ludhiana. Main Street is the heart and soul of Ludhiana and it is here that you will find the majority of the city's restaurants. 

Top class restaurant in Ludhiana

If you are in the mood for a Continental food, look no further than Seasons - All Day Dining, which boasts an exceptional variety of Continental and also seafood. The many authentic restaurants lining Main Street provide a taste of top class cuisine restaurant in Ludhiana, along with plenty of good old mountain fare.

Pune is the seventh largest metropolis in India, the second largest in the state of Maharashtra after Mumbai. Pune is the cultural capital of Maharashtra and become a modern city melds with an irrepressible past. 

Restaurant guide in Pune

The first thing to determine when looking for a place to eat in Pune is what kind of food you are in the mood for. What sort of restaurant do you want to go to? To stream line this process I've organised this restaurant guide for Pune based on food type, with the best example of each.

If you're looking for some good Indian food, there's really lot of places worth to checking out. The food of Pune cuisines is incredible and prices are more than reasonable.

Thiruvananthapuram is the southern most district of the coastal state of Kerala, in south India. So you can see here most of the Coastal restaurants. Instead of coastal food restaurant you can find here fast food restaurants, light snacks, multicuisine, Chinese, north Indian, south Indian and lot of food cuisines. For more details click on list of Restaurants in Thiruvananthapuram.

 list of Restaurants in Thiruvananthapuram

Banaras or Kashi is a city on the banks of the Ganges in Uttar Pradesh. It is holiest of the seven sacred cities (Sapta Puri) in Hinduism and Jainism. Hindus believe that death at Varanasi brings salvation.

top class restaurant in Varanasi
Restaurants in Varanasi are almost found every where from malls to river side areas as well as those integrated in hotels that offer high end dining experience. Here you can see the list of best and yummiest restaurants and food center in Varanasi.

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Upcoming Food and Dining events in Bangalore Restaurants

Bangalore is one of the fine destinations for food and dining in India. There are lot of restaurants, cuisines, fast food shops and coffee shops which offer affordable dining. They give some great and cheap deals for your favorite food. Get discounts in your favorite top food restaurants in Bangalore to eat cheap food. Here you can find the list of venues where food and dining events are happening.

Gourmet Indulgence at Le Jardin up to 31st Jan:

Event Date: Jan 01 - Jan 31 2013
Event Venue: The Oberoi
Event Time: All Day, Event occurs daily

Gourmet food in Bangalore restaurant

Gourmet Indulgence at Le Jardin. Extend the Celebrations of the festive season gong by. Indulge in our Sunday gourmet lunch. Ideal place to unwind with family and friends. Interactive culinary experience, live grills, decadent desserts and a host of fun activities for Children too.

Unlimited Kebabs and Beer at The Terrace restaurant till 15 Feb 2013:

Event Date: Jan 12 - Feb 15 2013
Event Venue: The Terrace Tandoor & Grill
Event Time: 07:00 PM, Event occurs daily

Kebab restaurant in Bangalore

Bangalore's Skyline boasts of a brand New Gourmet destination 'Unlimited Kebabs & Beer at Just Rs. 777/- Roof top restaurant with a birds eye view of the race course
Lip smacking selection of barbeque and grilled specialities Well stocked bar.

The Great Kebab Feast @ Spice It:

Event Date: Jan 15 - Jan 31 2013
Event Venue: Ibis Bengaluru Techpark
Event Time: 06:30 PM, Event occurs daily Event duration: 04:30 hrs

Kebab festival at Bangalore cuisines

Spice It at ibis Bengaluru Techpark has unveiled 'The Great Kebab Feast'- a journey that takes its guests to a world of aromatic mouth watering kebabs with herbs, authentic' spices and textures. The 16 day Festival will showcase 16 varieties of Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian food, that are full of flavours, and comes with a spiced up homemade feel to it.

Sizzling Skillets Festival at Hard Rock Cafe:

Event Date: Jan 21 - Feb 17 2013
Event Venue: Hard Rock Cafe
Event Time: All Day, Event occurs daily

Chinese restaurants in Bangalore

Sipping some fine drinks and digging into some lip smacking array of sizzling dishes? Isn't that how you would like to start your new year? Hard Rock Cafe has the perfect recipe planned to give you a rollicking start to this year. 

Hard rock cafe Bangalore

Bringing your craving to a sizzling end, HRC will host the Sizzling Skillets Festival . Indulge in steaming hot sizzlers to warm up your winter longings only at Hard Rock Cafe.

Out-of-The-Box Bento at Like That Only:

Event Date: Jan 22 - Jan 31 2013
Event Venue: Likethatonly
Event Time: 12:00 PM, Event occurs daily Event duration: 04:00 hrs

Restaurants in Whitefield Bangalore

Presenting a modern twist to the traditional bento box, LikeThatOnly, the Asian-inspired bar and restaurant in Whitefield Bangalore, introduces 'Out-Of-The-Box Bento Lunch' - a fun, quirky and surprisingly quick lunch service - offered on weekdays (Mon- Sat) from noon to 4pm. Chef Prashanth serves three different versions of this Out-of-the-Box Bento Lunch with vegetarian (Rs. 499 plus taxes), chicken and seafood options. Each deconstructed bento meal provides guests the option of choosing from six different elements to create their own personalized bento experience, with each component of the meal presented separately in a customized tray instead of the traditional box! So next time you're wondering where to have lunch, drop in at like that only, for this Out-of-the-Box Bento meal!

Corporate Auinala - The Executive Luncheon:

Event Date: Jan 09 - Jan 31 2013
Event Venue: Trader Vic's
Event Time: All Day, Event occurs daily

Corporate lunch restaurant Bangalore

Bored of your regular lunch from the office cafeteria?! Then head to Trader Vic's and indulge in their scrumptious executive lunch. With a spread ranging from appetizers like Summer Roll, Smoked Vegetables Skewer, and Jalapeno Cheese Balls to a main course comprising of BBQ Vegetables and Tofu, Garlic Chilli Asian Greens, Thai Vegetables Curry, Crab Rangoon, Cornmeal Crusted Calamari, and Vietnamese Mango Mint Roll Chicken, there is something for everyone to savour and enjoy. Last but not the least, exclusive Trader Vic's desserts like Banana Fritters and Trader Vic's Snow Balls, would leave you asking for more.

If you are looking for a perfect and dynamic list of restaurants in Bangalore on a weekday afternoon to unwind and bring the island experience to you corporate lunch, then Trader Vic's is the place to be!

Drink with Food @ The Solitaire Hotel:

Event Date: Dec 20 2012 - Mar 17 2013
Event Venue: The Solitaire Hotel
Event Time: All Day, Event occurs daily

Food and Drink restaurant Bangalore

The Solitaire Hotel offering A complimentary Glass of Beer/Wine/Mocktails along with a sumptuous Indian TDH meal with attractive prices at The Nawab Specialty Indian restaurant.

Choco Mint Magic - Flavour of the month at Gelato Italiano:

Event Date: Jan 01 - Jan 31 2013
Event Venue: All Gelato Italiano outlets
Event Time: All Day, Event occurs daily

Chocolate restaurant Bangalore

New beginnings deserve new experiences and what is better than exciting your taste buds with a new flavour from Gelato Italiano. It is packed with the best of classic ingredients like chocolate, mint and crema, which come together to give you a magical experience. Go on a lip-smacking Chinese food which will be available at best Chinese food restaurants in Bangalore.

Indian food consists of diverse recipes, tastes and styles of cooking. However, whatever you are searching in Bangalore related to food and dining just visit