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Best Upcoming events in Bangalore 2013

You might be searching for the upcoming events that will be happening in 2013. New years 1st month just pass away with sweet and sour experiences, and people waiting for new upcoming events happening in Bangalore.

Bangalore is a world-class city that attracts people from all over the world. Bangalore is known for its temperate weather. Since Bangalore is a world-class and most happening city of India, so there are plenty of events happen continuously, so don't miss them. You can see here some of them.

Synchronized Swimming Show on 02 Feb 2013:

Event Date: Feb 02 2013
Event Venue: Global Swim Centre
Event Time: 6:00 pm Event duration: 2:00 hrs

Synchronized Swimming Show

The pool is all set for London Olympic 2012 Silver & Bronze winning Royal Spanish Swimming Federation that will be in town next month to showcase some of their finest synchronized swimming routines. A group of 17 water fairies with their glamorous costumes glistening in aqua blue water will make their sport look graceful from the poolside. The synchronized swimmers will perform two shows to enthrall the audience on 2nd And 3rd Feb in Global Swim Centre.

Swimming show in Bangalore

Some of India's excellent swimmers like Saurabh Sangvekar and Shikha Tandon who have won laurels across the world. Indian girls have the potential to participate in Synchronized Swimming at international sporting arenas in years to come and to keep the Indian Flag flying high, says Sebastian, organizer of the event.

The Mermaids Synchronized Swimming Show

Synchronized Swimming and Rhythmic Gymnastics are the only events in the Olympics where all-female teams compete. Synchronized Swimming also popularly known as Water Ballet is a perfect blend of mind-boggling acrobatics, grace, coordination and art which is in sync with harmonized music.

The Mermaids - Synchronized Swimming Show is one of the best weekend events happening in BangaloreThis is an opportunity to witness a display of human excellence which is bound give you a feeling of exhilaration.

Acting Workshop in Bangalore from 02 Feb to 02 Mar 2013:

Event Date: Feb 02 - Mar 02 2013
Event Venue: The Golden Bead School
Event Time: 03:00 PM, Event occurs every Saturday duration: 4:00 hrs

acting workshop in Bangalore

Acting Workshop for Theatre, TV & Films - with special impetus for TV sitcom acting and comedy. Cult entertainment Bangalore 's more eminent entertainment company is bringing to you an acting workshop in Bangalore that encompasses different styles of acting viz theatre, TV, films with a special impetus for TV and comedy.

The workshop promises both fun and learning, where in the teaching is through a medium of exercises and activities . The workshop will cover methods of acting, body and voice, stage basics, camera classes, discussion of scenes from famous sitcoms,films etc .

Mathura Kalauny's - DASHA 'Collage Of Four Powerful Plays':

Event Date: Feb 07 2013
Event Venue: Alliance Francaise de Bangalore
Event Time: 7:15 pm Event duration: 2:00 hrs

Theater plays in Bangalore

A hilarious story of a man and a genie in a very strange situation. Kalayan brings to you a collage of four powerful stories by renowned authors, depicting four states of existence. Different lives, different situations. Humor. Satire. Theater and Drama plays

Kafan ( Premchand) -
Chirag Ka Bhoot (Mathura Kalauny) -

Prameelarjuniyam – Theater Play Bangalore on 07 Feb 2013:

Event Date: Feb 07 2013
Event Venue: Ranga Shankara
Event Time: 06:30 PM Event duration: 2:00 hrs

Prameelarjuniyam  Play at Rangashankara in Bangalore

Shakespeare's intertwined love polygons begin to get complicated from the start-Jayantha and Vasantha both want Kairave but she only has eyes for Jayantha. Bad news is, Kairave's father wants Vasantha for a son-in-law. To know more about this play follow this link Prameelarjuniyam – Play at Rangashankara in Bangalore.

Miss Sadarame - Play in Bangalore:

Event Date: Feb 07 2013
Event Venue: Ranga Shankara
Event Time: 06:30 PM Event duration: 1:45 hrs

Miss Sadarame Play in Bangalore

Eminent theatre person K.V. Subbanna improvised the story of Sadarame as Miss. Sadarame, which was originally scripted by Bellave Narahari Shastry.

Samashti's experiment on Sadarame is cleverly plotted and even bit different from the original story. The story revolves around an innocent middle class girl Sadarame, whom a prince got attracted to. He wanted to marry her. Eventually he sacrificed his kingdom to his greedy father-in-law and left the kingdom along with the newly wed Sadarame. Unknown to the new world, Sadarame was exposed to difficult circumstances from the cunning travelers of the story. By using her intelligence Sadarame managed to escape from all troubles and finally remains as Miss. Sadarame.

Unmaad 2013 - KK Live In Concert on 09 Feb 2013:

Event Date: Feb 09 2013
Event Venue: IIM Bangalore
Event Time: 6:30 pm Event duration: 2:30 hrs

Cultural festival of IIM Bangalore

Unmaad 2013, the Cultural festival of IIM Bangalore proudly presents the phenomenal singer and performer, KK. One of the most versatile singers in the country, KK's popularity transcends all language barriers. He is a singer whose talent is not limited to any genre or language, and has delivered innumerable hits in his illustrious career.

KK has performed at numerous concerts throughout the country, enthralling HIS audience each and every time. And now, it's Bangalore's turn to be enchanted by his magic. So come, be a part of a musical extravaganza at IIM Bangalore.

Love @ 90s - Biju Nair Music show in Bangalore:

Event Date: Feb 16 2013
Event Venue: Sathya Sai Samskruta Sadanam
Event Time: All Day

Music show in Bangalore

Re-live those glorious moments of Love... fall in love with love once again... After 'Rafi Revived' and 'Trayee' Antardhwani is back once again with biggest melodies of the 90s for the First time ever in Bangalore on this Valentine's Weeken

Biju & Runa along with their team of talented singers and musicians present to you 'Love@90s' - a Musical extravaganza of the New Year 2013. Love is in the air and Bangalore would witness for the first time, the freshness of the 90s, the youthful melodies rendered by the best voices in the Indian Film industry.

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