Thursday, May 30, 2013

Restaurants Those are Trusted For Chinese Food

Where can I get best Chinese food in Bangalore? This is a common question people ask most of the time. I am from Bangalore and I love Chinese food. I have never had any indigestion or upset stomach after having any Chinese dish even in large quantity. Mostly I use Chinese food like, egg flour soup, sweet and sour pork, orange chicken, egg rolls, pot stickers! How many of you love CHINESE food ? Which is your favourite Chinese dish? Lets discuss here, where we can enjoy delectable Chinese food in Bangalore!!.

China Pearl:

China Pearl Koramangala Bangalore

China Pearl is a very good Chinese restaurant with real Chinese delicacy.They serve Truly amazing Chinese food. it is right next to Oye Amritsar. The ambiance is good. The cost works out to 700 for two people. The quantity of food is more than sufficient for 2 people.

Service: quick service and consistent quality.

Chungs Chinese Corner:

Chungs Chinese is a mid sized restaurant for some affordable and authentic food without the "hi-fi restaurant tag. Ambience and Food is ok. 

Service: good

Beijing Bites:

Beijing Bites; a great Chinese food restaurant

Beijing Bites is definitely one of the best Chinese food joints. In fact it has grown to become extremely popular of late and have spread out to almost every area in the city. It is located all popular area's of Bangalore like Jayanagar, Indira nagar, Koramangala, Frazer town, sarjapur, Vijay nagar, BTM, Whitefield, Electronic city, Raj rajeshwari nagar, Bellandue, Banashankari and so on..

Hunan Koramangala:

Hunan a perfect Chinese restaurant

Hunan's cuisine is known for its flavor, fresh aroma and authenticity. It is conveniently situated in the posh neighboring of BEL Road, Bangalore. It is one of the first authentic Chinese restaurants in North Bangalore and this not what we say but is a quote from many of our esteemed guests

Hunan Situated in the middle of the lane with awesome eateries in koramangala 5th block. The place is very child friendly with the staff willing to accommodate all requests. here the quality of food is great. The general tao chicken preparation was impeccable and the dragon noodles are famous enough.
Service: good

Mainland China:

Mainland China Popular Chinese restaurant

Mainland China also one of the popular Chinese food restaurants in Bangalore. Which is available at every corner of the city. The most famous outlets of mainland China is; Whitefield, Indiranagar, Koramangala, MG Road, Jayanagar, Malleshwaram and so on. They offer Chinese & Thai food. They have variety of items in their menu. Lots of Chinese food festivals happen here.

Yo China:

Best Chinese restaurant

As a name suggest Yo China is a pure Chinese style restaurants, Which is located at Sapthagiri Complex, Outer Ring Road, Innovative Multiplex, Marathahalli. Here you can find nice ambiance and comfortable seating. Food taste is good. Combos are well designed for budget eaters and a la carte serves well for variety hunters.

As per the Public recommendation here we have listed few more Chinese restaurants, definitely it will help you.

Chinese Feasts
Flavors Of China, BTM Layout
Chung Wah
Memories of China - Vivanta...
WoW Momo

If you find this post helpful, please give your valuable comments or suggestions. Or would you cure to know more specific cuisine wise restaurants in Bangalore or Chinese restaurants in  Koramangala or your nearest place at

Monday, May 27, 2013

Go Cycling Go Green Volume 3

After Successfully completion of Go cycling go green vol 1 and vol 2, buzzintown presents Go Cycling Go Green Vol 3. On the occasion of World Environment Day 1st June 2013, Buzzintown brings to you Go Cycling Go Green - Volume 3.

Let's pedal to celebrate nature on June 1, 2013 (Saturday) along with Bangalore's favorite artistes - RJ Darius Sunawala, fitness queen Wanitha Ashok, Comedy king Praveen Kumar, Scientist and Environmentalist Harish Bhat and many more! Here is the details about Go cycling go green vol 3.

Fun for you at go green go cycling

Event Date: Jun 01 2013
Event Venue: The Pride Hotel
Event Time: 7:00 am
Event duration: 8:00 hrs

All you have to do is get onto your cycles for a 20km fun-filled ride from Hotel Pride Richmond road to the exotic Khedda resort, Kanakapura Main Road, Bangalore. Follow link to register if would you like to be a part of Go cycling go green vol 3.

Breakfast and lunch at go cycling go green

Your breakfast, refreshments, lunch, hi-tea are being taken care by us.As you dedicate this day to the environment, we have a power-packed day planned for you...

Before going to Go cycling go green vol 3, just have a look at popularity of go cycling go green vol 1 and vol 2 special moments.

Memories Of Go Cycling Go Green Volume 1:

Go cycling go green Volume 1 flag off

Memories Of Go Cycling Go Green Volume 1

Go Cycling Go Green Volume 1 Memories

Go Cycling Go Green Volume 1 exciting memories

Memories of Go Cycling Go Green Volume 2: 
Go Cycling Go Green-Pedal for a Healthy Heart On World Heart Day!

Memories of Go Cycling Go Green Volume 2:

Go Cycling Go Green Volume 2 with Reena Raju

Reena Raju in Go Cycling Go Green Volume 2

Go cycling go green vol 2 winner:

Go cycling go green Vol 2 winner

Pedal for a healthy heart on world heart day

Highlights of go cycling go green

Highlights of the Go cycling go green vol 3:

Nature walk, games, rain dance, swimming pool, sapling plantation, drum circle, musical show, laughter session, environment discussions et al await you at the Khedda resort, which is the perfect place to unwind after a slightly tedious ride! But it's all going to be worth it a the Khedda nature resort. With the hint of nature's splendour strewn all around, we are sure that it is bound to fill heart with glee!

But you'll have to be there to experience it first hand and get to know what we are talking about!

Lots of surprises, gifts, performances and live shows are in store for you as you join us in our sojourn for a greener tomorrow!

Please note:

If you do not have a cycle, Buzzintown can help you to hire one for you.
Registration charges are Rs. 499 per person (Inclusive of taxes+ 1 Tee Shirt +Power breakfast+ Refreshments + Lunch+ Hi- Tea+ Unlimited entertainment)
To hire a cycle, just pay Rs. 299 extra and enjoy the ride!

There are not much dos and don'ts, just get your swimming costume and an extra pair of clothes for rain dance and pool, and for the people hiring a cycle - an identity proof)

All the queries are welcomed, for more details contact: Ahmed: 09986984878. We are a cycling community which pedals for a social cause. Join us in our sojourn for a healthier tomorrow!

Visit us to find out more interesting upcoming events in Bangalore.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Spiritual, Music, DJ and Comedy Events in Delhi

Buzzintown brought to you an exclusive events for Music, Yoga, Theater play and workshops. Every events have their own importance and would be like different age group. Music events would like Children, Yoga would be majorly like by forty plus, although all age groups know the importance of yoga. And Theater workshop events and other music events would like all young people. So experience all different kind of upcoming events in Delhi with great excitements.

Imran Khan along with Jazz Dhami - Live:

Event Date: May 24 2013
Event Venue: Billionaire
Event Time: 8:00 pm
Event duration: 4:00 hrs

The most elite and happening nightclub in town “BILLIONAIRE” has opened its gates for its guests. And now they are all set to showcase some great events for Delhi party goers. Now after doing some very famous Indian DJs like DJ Suketu, Dj Ashish Nagpal, DJ Gaurav Madan, DJ Gouri and DJ Aron James from New York. we are all set to host the Famous Urban Punjabi Singers IMRAN KHAN and JAZ DHAMI With DJ SHADOW (DUBAI).

Theatre & Personality Development Workshop:

Event Date: May 26 2013
Event Venue: SWS Actors Studio
Event Time: 11:00 am
Event duration: 4:00 hrs

Theatre & Personality Development Workshop

Theatre is fast emerging as a potential tool to learn communication skills. It is being used across the board by theatre Trainers to mould the personality of the professionals as well as students from management to mass communication. SWS Actor's Studio is offering weekend workshops on Personality Development and Acting (Theatre, Television & Films). These workshops will enhance participants to transform within.

PSYKOVSKY (Osom Music / Russia) - 6 HOUR SET:

Event Date: May 31 2013
Event Venue: Themis Backwood Kitchen & Patio
Event Time: 8:00 pm
Event duration: 9:00 hrs


Psykovsky aka Vasily Markelov a maverick Russian dark-psytrance producer and Moscow DJ from Russia. Signed to Vertigo Records. His debut album released in 2005. Together with Kindzadza he is the dj-duo Osom. They also created the label Osom-music together. The genre of music varies as beats per minute lift up from 145 to 200. Innovative but still traditional, the story is to suit different tastes giving a detailed retrospective of the unique Psykovsky style. The concept is deep psychedelia, often away from forms. His taste impecable, pushing the boundaries of sonic exploration.

Kyunki Sasur Bhi Kabhi Damaad Tha - Play:

Event Date: Jun 02 2013
Event Venue: Alliance Francaise de Delhi
Event Time: 07:15 PM
Event duration: 1:30 hrs

Comedy play Kyunki Sasur Bhi Kabhi Damaad Tha

Enjoy again Bijju and Rajjo in Kyunki Sasur Bhi Kabhi Damaad Tha an exciting comedy play at Alliance Francaise de Delhi.

Certification Program - Aura Cleansing & Chakra Balancing:

Event Date: Jul 07 2013
Event Venue: Ramana Kendra
Event Time: 10:30 am
Event duration: 7:00 hrs

kundalini Jagaran certification programm

Happiness is having a pain free body and trouble free mind Experience soothing healing energy to cleans your aura and balance your chakras.

Highlights of the workshop:

- Peace & Prosperity Meditation & Practice once.
- How to feel the energy & scan the energy
- How to scan & see your aura & How to scan your chakra
- Introduction to major chakra & their functions.
- How to heal yourself.
- A breathing exercise to expand your aura & size of the chakra.
- How to balance energy of your brain.
- Small talk on mantra's
- How to improve your finances, your relationships & your health.
- Why character building is important & how it affects our life.

Buy a ticket if would you like to attend Certification Program - Aura Cleansing & Chakra Balancing.

Bizzare Contact Live in BlueFrog:

Event Date: Jun 07 2013
Event Venue: blueFROG
Event Time: 8:00 pm
Event duration: 5:00 hrs

Bizzare Contact Live in BlueFrog

Bizzare Contact are Didy Ezra (1985) and Gady Ezra (1990) born and living in the sunny southern city of Dimona. Didy has been producing all kinds of Psychedelic music since the age of 13, He joined the Com.pact Crew in the year of 2004 and became a success story, The debut album "Plastic Fantastic" by "Bizzare Contact" was released at Com.Pact Records in April / 2004. The album was a success and Didy started to perform around the world from Japan all the way to Brazil, Mexico, Europe & Israel.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Vicinia Cafe & Bar at Kemp's Corner | A New Place to Dine in South Mumbai

Vicinia is a day long cafe bar situated in the heart of city at Kemp's corner, Mumbai that comes under mainly in European cuisines. This restaurant serves breakfast, soups and salads, appetizers, burgers, sandwiches, pastas and pizzas, along with desserts and cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks.

Vicinia Cafe & Bar at Kemp's Corner

When the review invite came to me, it said Vicinia Cafe and Bar in South Mumbai will be bringing the experience of a European road-side cafe to town. And that was the trigger that made us happily accept the invite. Vicinia means 'neighborhood' so if you stay around Kemps corner then this could be your pet place. 

Best restaurant and bar in South Mumbai

Housed inside an old heritage building, Vicinia is a very good looking café. There is a facade made entirely of glass offering a meal with a view. Enter and be enveloped by the cosy, well-appointed interiors filled with artifacts from around the world. If you love lamps check out the one at the entrance. 

Top European food restaurant at Kemps Corner

We started our lunch with Ceases salad (Rs.180) and Truffled mushroom crostini (Rs.425). The salad was just fine and there was nothing much to talk about it. The crostini on the other hand was rich, thanks to the truffle oil. We also tried their Chicken supreme (Rs.300) and that sure did tease the taste buds with the perfect seasoning. 

European restaurant at Kemps Corner

The menu is huge. It offers breakfast, sandwitches, burgers, pizzas, pasta and a good selection for the entrée. We were suggested, that we must try Truffled mushroom capellini (Rs.675). This by far was the best thing I had tried here.

Bar restaurant at Kemps Corner

The Braised chicken breast (Rs.425) we tried was a bit bland, but the accomplishments with it were delicious. A little more seasoning this one could have been way much better! 

best restaurant at Kemps Corner

For the desserts we tried the gooey chocolate cake, which was not really gooey. The flavors were just perfect, but the texture made it look more like a cake.

Verdict: Vicinia Cafe and Bar is a good place to dine. Service is good. The menu is well set giving you a lot of options. Costs are also moderate considering what is being served on the plate. Visit us to get more good places to dine in Mumbai.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Mango Special Summer Menus in Bangalore | Mango Fever

Mango a king of fruits. Every one knows the health benefits of mangoes: We use it for Clears the Skin Or Acne, Prevents Cancer and Heart diseases, It is good for eye health – cause its prevent night blindness and dry eyes, very good for digestion, good source of Iron, helps in diabetes, lowers Cholesterol, Alkalizes the whole body, improved Sex and so many good qualities in this fruit. Mango juice helps to cool down the body and Its keep your immune system healthy and strong. So don't miss the mango special summer menu in your city. Here we are giving the list of Bangalore restaurants where you can enjoy mango festival.

How useful mango for health

Signature Desserts in Mangolicious:

Event Date: May 13 - May 31 2013
Event Venue: The Oberoi
Event Time: All Day, Event occurs daily

Mango summer special desserts

Chef Anurag gets creative with the season's fresh mangoes.

Mango Desserts in The Oberoy

Signature Desserts:

Mango desserts

Mango and butter fruit frozen yoghurt, Mango and Darjeeling tea infused pannacotta, Mango, chocolate and coconut sundae, Mango 'Mondrian'

Alphonso Mango Martini in Polo Club:

Event Date: May 01 - May 31 2013
Event Venue: The Oberoi
Event Time: All Day, Event occurs daily


The mango indulgence continues at our alfresco bar. Refresh yourself with an Alphonso mango martini, raw mango with roasted cumin margarita or a mango mojito.

Event Date: May 17 - May 31 2013
Event Venue: Blimey
Event Time: 11:00 AM, Event occurs daily
Event duration: 12:00 hrs

Mango Mania Menu in Blimey

Bl!mey has a special menu to celebrate the Mango season for all those who love the fruit starting the 17th of April 2013. Appetizers: Choose from Mango and Cottage Cheese skewers, Supreme Chicken with mango jam or Tiger Prawn with Mango Mayo.

Mango Mania Food Promotion in Le Meridien:

Event Date: May 01 - May 31 2013
Event Venue: Le Meridien Hotel
Event Time: All Day, Event occurs daily

Mango Mania Food Promotion in Le Meridien

The Mango Mania will be available for lunch and dinner only. The special menu has been designed for the promotion and all the order is from a la carte menu (the card) which consists of appetisers, maincourse and desserts.

Mango Mania Food Festival in Grand Mercure:

Event Date: May 17 - May 26 2013
Event Time: 07:00 PM, Event occurs daily

Mango summer delicious

Mango, the king of fruits, makes hot summers delicious. To make the season more relishing Grand Mercure hosts the scrumptious fruit festival to tempt the lovers. The delicious tempting aromatic mangoes are prepared in new forms to spoil the lovers with an array of choices.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Master Chef Shazia Khan's Fusion Cookery Workshop Bangalore

Shazia is a house wife. She loves cooking very much. Shazia is very passionate about cooking as it is a peaceful experience for her. Occasionally, people take training for cooking but Shazia did not took any training. She participated in Master Chef India (season 2), a cookery show that is hosted by STAR PLUS in India. Shazia Khan, who became a household name with her calm composure, delicious dishes, and inventive cooking, in Master Chef Finalist India Season 2, continues her food journey after winning the runner up title.

Shazia Khan Fusion Cookery Workshop

Shazia Will be spreading her cooking tips with you at The Chancery Pavilion Bangalore on upcoming 18 may 2013. If would you like to attend her cookery workshop then buy tickets from buzzintown for Shazia Khan Master Chef India - Fusion Cookery Workshop.

Fusion Cookery Workshop Details:
Shazia Khan Fusion Cookery Workshop Details

Workshop Date: May 18 2013
Workshop Venue: The Chancery Pavilion
Workshop Time: 11:00 AM
Workshop duration:  3:00 hrs

Watch Video for Shazia Khan Master Chef Journey

Share cooking ideas and tips and other thoughts on food with Shazia!!

There are lots of prizes to win, with quizzes and games throughout the interactive cooking demo session!!!!

Shazia Khan giving cooking tips

To top it all, at the end of an exciting, interactive, cooking session, the guests are treated to a fabulous lunch buffet where they can enjoy interacting with each other and Shazia!!!

An Unforgettable Afternoon, Not to be missed by Anybody who loves to Cook and Eat Fabulous Food!!!

"Invent cooking as Master Chef India, Season II finalist, continues her food journey..."

Master Chef India Season II finalist

A series of live cooking shows and demos have allowed her to connect with her fans and many others who share her passion for food. She has travelled to Goa, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mysore and other places where she has had interactive cooking sessions that not only teach easy, simple delicious cooking techniques and dishes, but also allows the audience to learn simple, easy tips to better food.

Shazia Khan Master Chef India

Shazia will teach the audience some interesting recipes, cooking live and this time its 100% veg cooking!!

Pick up ingredients right from your kitchen and make something amazing!!

Learn how to cook fusion, combining flavours and ingredients from different cuisines!!- The best of different cuisines combined to make some simple, mouth-watering dishes!!

Learn how to cook simple mouth watering dishes

Learn to present and plate your food to make it more appetizing!!

Learn to create something exquisite- make all-time favourite recipes unique-with a shazia twist!!

Here we are showing one of the best recipes of Shazia Khans:

Chicken Corn and Spinach Bites

  • White sauce
  • 50 gms butter
  • 5 tbsp plain flour ( maida)
  • 2 cups milk
  • 1/2 tsp black pepper powder
  • 1/2 tsp sugar
  • Salt
  • 250 gms chicken ( boiled and shredded )
  • 1 cup corn kernels ( boiled)
  • 1 cup spinach( chopped finely)
  • 1 tsp chilly flakes
  • 1 tsp garlic ( finely chopped)
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • Coating
  • 1 egg
  • 2 tsp. Cornflour
  • 1/2 cup plain flour

Recipes for Chicken Corn and Spinach Bites


  1.  Melt butter in a pan. Add the flour and cook over a low heat, stirring for 1/2 a minute
  2.  Gradually add milk, using a hand whisk, stir the milk to make a smooth, very thick sauce.
  3.  Add pepper, sugar and salt and remove the white sauce from the heat.
  4.  In another pan heat olive oil, add the garlic, chilly flakes, and saute for 1/2 a minute.
  5. Add the chicken pieces, corn and spinach and salt. Cook for 2 minutes and remove from heat.Let this mixture cool down.(do not over cook)
  6. Add this mixture to the thick white sauce and mix well. Refrigerate for 2 hrs.
  7. In a bowl add egg and cornflour and make a paste.
  8. Shape the chicken mixture into round balls, flatten them, dip in the egg paste, and then in the flour.
  9. Heat some oil in a non stick pan and shallow fry these cutlets.
  10. Serve hot with your favorite sauce.

Do you curious to know about more cooking workshops or happening other food and dining events in Bangalore.?, then keep visiting on Buzzintown.