Thursday, March 26, 2009

Yeh Hai Delhi Meri Jaan - Play

Indu Art Theatres & Film Society presents 'Yeh Hai Delhi Meri Jaan'. The play in Hindi, written by Yasin Khan, revolves around Bola, an innocent village boy living with his grandfather, an ex-freedom fighter.

Bola is sent to Delhi by his grandfather to convey a petition to the vice-president, requesting him to restart the issue of pension which was stopped all of a sudden and salute the flame of all freedom fighters at India Gate.

The story takes a dramatic turn when Bola gets conned by an autorikshaw driver and is left with no money in an unfamiliar city. Will Bola meet the vice-president? Will he reach India Gate to salute the flame of Indian freedom fighters?

for more info visit: Yeh Hai Delhi Meri Jaan - Play

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Allah Meharban to Gadha Pehalwan - Play

Gajju babu was a mayor in small city. The civil surgeon inspector of schools and judicial magistrate are all corrupt. Everybody was leading life by using corrupt practices. A letter was once received by mayor which said that a high profile officer would be coming to their town to investigate. This information lead to the calling of all officers by the mayor to find a way to face the invigilation.

Two attendants at the mayors office, Chilmachi Mian and Lota Parsad inform the mayor that a young man was staying in a hotel- five star in their town. Assuming him to be the investigator, the mayor invites him home and entertains him to the fullest and also pays him a large sum of money only to realize that he actually wasn't the investigating officer.
Cast : Rahul, Gunjan, Mahi, Malya, Ritambra Mittal, Arpit, Ajay, Simran.

For more details visit: Allah Meharban to Gadha Pehalwan - Play