Monday, April 29, 2013

World Dance Day 2013: Celebrate With Joy

In 1982 International Dance Day was introduced by International Dance Committee of the International Theatre Institute (ITI). Since world dance day been celebrated across world on 29th April every year.

Dance is one of the important part of entertainment where emotions expressed in the form of dance. Dance also constitute social, cultural and emotional and moral sensibilities.

On the eve of this International World Dance Day Celebration there are are different cultural events happening in different parts of country.

World Dance Day Celebration In Delhi

India Habitat Centre in association with Sadhya - a unit of performing arts celebrates World Dance Day under the Artistic Direction of Santosh Nair.
Venue: India Habitat Centre (IHC)
Address: Lodhi Road , Delh
Date & Time: 29th April 07:30 PM

World Dance Day Celebration In Bangalore

Sai Arts International presents World Dance Day Celebration at different parts of Bangalore today.

World Dance Day Celebration at KH Kala Soudha, 4.00Pm

World Dance Day Celebration at Nayana Rangamandira

World Dance Day Celebration at Seva Sadana, Malleshwaram

World Dance Day Celebration at JSS Auditorium

World Dance Day Celebration In Mumbai

Venue: Sathaye College
Address: Dixit Road, Vile Parle (E) , Mumbai
Date & Time: 29th April, 06PM

To know more on World Dance Day Celebration in other parts of India visit

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Profile of Raghu Dixit

Raghu Dixit is an Indian singer-lyricist, producer, and film score composer based in Bangalore. He is most famous for fronting the Raghu Dixit Project, a multilingual folk music band. Raghu Dixit is now known more as a self-taught composer and musician. Originally from Mysore, he settled in Bengaluru. As the founder-front man of his band Antaragni for more than eight years, and now of The Raghu Dixit Project, Dixit has performed more than 250 concerts all over India.

Raghu Dixit India Singer

In 2008, The Raghu Dixit Project launched its debut album Antitragi: The Fire Within. Raghu is a self-taught guitarist and singer. The most catchy part of Raghu's concert is his unique voice which goes beyond ranges and the measured humor that he puts in without any effort.

Raghu Dixit Live in Concert at Gurgaon

Now he will performing at Striker Pub & Brewery Gurgaon Delhi on 25 Apr 2013. here is the details for Raghu Dixit upcoming live concert.

Concert Date: Apr 25 2013
Concert Venue: Striker Pub & Brewery
Concert Time: 8:00 pm
Event duration: 2:00 hrs

Raghu Dixit - Live Concert in Gurgaon

Would you like to attend this concert then 

Raghu Dixit in regional show

How smartly people get fame; Raghu Dixit is a gold medalist in Masters in Microbiology and a proficient Indian classical dancer (Vidwat in Bharatanatyam), Raghupathy Dixit is now known more as a self-taught composer and musician. 

Raghu Dixit

In May 2008 Dixit joined Springboard Surprises' Roots Festival for a number of shows, touring many towns and cities within Northeast India, with international acts including Israel's DUB LFO and England's Too Late Lucy. Raghu Dixit also composes music for feature films.

List of concert played by Raghu Dixit:

Raghu Dixit has played many shows all over the world including in the US, the UK, Korea, Japan, Russia, Hong Kong and India. Here are the list of his performed concerts till today.

  • Parappana Agrahara Central Jail of Bengaluru City
  • SAMA Festival in North East England
  • French Kiss Tour – World Music Day
  • Raghu Dixit Project performed with three French musicians Ana├»s, Emily Loizeau and Mademoiselle K
  • In 2008 Raghu Dixit Project performed at IIT Guwahati's cultural festival Alcheringa
  • Indian Institute of Science on the eve of Miditha, a cultural fest
  • The headlining act at Strawberry Fields 2010
  • he performed at Infosys on the eve of cultural Fest "FIESTA"
  • MSRIT Bengaluru
  • Glastonbury Festival in myriad
  • BBC Glastonbury garden
  • on the Leftfield stage
  • with the Indian Rock Band Agnee at the Open Air Theater in IIT Bombay for the Mood Indigo cultural festival
  • Festocomm 2012 at SIMC Pune in February 2012
  • MSRIT Bengaluru dated on 12/03/2012
  • Jayciana 2011 at SJCE.
  • Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology, for the Celebrity night of the cultural festival, Synapse 2012.
  • BITS Pilani KK Birla Goa Campus, at the evening of SPREE Goa Half Marathon 2012
  • P.E.S. Institute of Technology's fest Aatmatrisha
  • BBC TV's Jools Holland show
  • He gave a concert as part of London South Bank's 'Alchemy' Festival
  • He has also visited the Andrew Marr Show to perform Waiting for a Miracle besides Raghu Dixit Session in radio 3 of BBC
  • Glastonbury festival
  • He performed for Queen Elizabeth II of England and her husband the Duke of Edinburgh Prince Philip, at a spectacular Diamond Jubilee Pageant marking 60 years since her accession to the throne in 1952.
  • He performed in Tagore Open Air Theater(TOAT) at IIT Kharagpur during Spring Fest 2013.
  • He performed in MANZAR-2013, annual intercollegiate cultural festival of Institute of Chemical Technology (formerly UDCT), Mumbai.
  • He is performing at Striker Pub & Brewery Gurgaon Delhi on 25 Apr 2013.

     Some Special moments of Raghu Dixit with Bachchan Family. 

    Raghu Dixit with Bachchan family

    Amitabh Bachchan watching Raghu dixit show..

Raghu Dixitn Filmography:

2008 Psycho Kannada
2009 Quick Gun Murugan Hindi Composed and sang one song
2009 Just Math Mathalli Kannada
2010 Superman Kannada Shelved
2011 Kote Kannada
2011 Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge Hindi

Raghu Dixit with Sichan in Bangalore

He has got two awards one is best Newcomer at the 2011 Songlines Music Awards and Favorite Singer Award at the 2008 SFM Kalaa Awards.

Monday, April 22, 2013

What to eat and where to eat when you are in Varanasi?

Food is an interesting and integral part of life. Indian food are as beautiful as India. The cultural diversity and cultural mix also a gift to Indian food. There is direct reflection of Indian culture in Indian food. 

Varanasi is one of the beautiful place of India which is regarded as holiest of the seven sacred cities (Sapta Puri) in Hinduism and Jainism. 

Do you have any idea what to eat and where to eat when you are in Varanasi? Just have a look...

In Varanasi lot of special food and dining events you can find round the year. You can select one of them for enjoying them.

Cocktail & mocktails @ Toxic Bar & Lounge:

Event Date: Mar 29 - May 28 2013
Event Venue: Cafe Fresco
Event Time: All Day, Event occurs daily

Cocktail & mocktails at Toxic Bar & Lounge

Enjoy Toxic Bar's relaxing intimate atmosphere with friends prior to dinner or cocktail and mocktails in a nightcap before retiring to bed. Toxic Bar offers exotic cocktails, Indian and imported spirits, Champagnes and a wide range of Indian and French wines. The cozy bar with the unusual black & mahogany decor creates a toxic magic with carefully chosen music.

Continental, Indian & Chinese Menu @ Atrium Cafe:

Event Date: Mar 29 - May 28 2013
Event Venue: Atrium Cafe
Event Time: 11:00 AM, Event occurs daily
Event duration: 11:00 hrs

Continental, Indian & Chinese Menu @ Atrium Cafe

Satiate every craving you've ever had: Continental, Indian, Chinese, dine amidst swaying palms, and cool green ponds in our multi cuisine restaurant.

Eastern and Western cuisine @ east West:

Event Date: Mar 29 - May 28 2013
Event Venue: east WEST - Multi-cuisine Restaurant
Event Time: All Day, Event occurs daily

Eastern and Western cuisine

This 116-person restaurant offers the best of Eastern and Western cuisine, showcasing fine culinary skills through an a la carte menu and lavish buffet spreads. Fresh, contemporary interiors with an abundance of natural light, relaxed seating and impeccable, friendly service welcomes guests to an enjoyable experience at any time of day.

Indian Specialties @ The Great Kabab Factory:

Event Date: Mar 29 - May 28 2013
Event Venue: The Great Kabab Factory
Event Time: All Day, Event occurs daily

Special delecious food in Varanasi

The Great Kabab Factory - Indian Specialty Restaurant. Our kabab menu offers choices to vegetarians and non-vegetarians including chicken, mutton, fish and veggie selections. Specialty Indian breads are served with our lentil and vegetable dish of the day.

Chinese & Thai Cuisine @ Silk Route:

Event Date: Mar 29 - May 28 2013
Event Venue: Tadka - Indian Specialty Restaurant
Event Time: All Day, Event occurs daily

Chinese food dishes in Varanasi

Chinese & Thai Cuisine at Silk Route. The specialty restaurant bring the authentic and robust Chinese and Thai cuisine in a typical oriental environment. The unique blend of black, white and steam bleach is highlighted in the Chinese motifs. Also offers the private dining for the chosen ones.

Authentic Indian cuisine @ Tadka:

Event Date: Mar 29 - May 28 2013
Event Venue: Tadka - Indian Specialty Restaurant
Event Time: All Day, Event occurs daily

Tadka food dishes in Varanasi

Authentic Indian cuisine at Tadka. A specialty Indian restaurant serving authentic Indian cuisine from a live kitchen where Chefs perform at their best and the flickering flames find reflection in the copper tiles. An elegant space attached to the lobby, with the marble & wooden flooring also provides a private dining room for the desired exclusivity. To epitomize the unique ambiance, the charm is created by the live Indian classical music performed during dinner hours.

Delicious Burgers Menu @ Mcdonalds:

Event Date: Mar 29 - May 28 2013
Event Venue: Mcdonalds Family Restaurant - Sigra
Event Time: All Day, Event occurs daily

Burgers restaurant in Varanasi

Delicious Burgers Menu @ Mcdonalds. Menu - Burgers & Sandwiches, Chicken, Breakfast, Salads, Snacks and Sides, Beverages, McCafe, Desserts & Shakes

Meal Bundles -
Favorites Under 400
Dollar Menu - Delicious and only a dollar? You bet!
Extra Value Meals - Have we got a deal for you!
Happy Meals - Fun for kids, fab for moms.
Mighty Kids Meals - The fun way for on-the-go kids to refuel.

Enjoy with Delicious Menu @ Ganpati Guest House:

Event Date: Mar 29 - May 28 2013
Event Venue: Ganpati Guest House
Event Time: All Day, Event occurs daily

Multicuisine restaurants in Varanasi

Enjoy with Delicious Menu @ Ganpati Guest House. Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, and of corse Indian foods also! This is a part of total menu. with the food in Ganpati Guest House which you can enjoy on our patio,or roof terrace.

Grills Special @ Moti Mahal Delux:

Event Date: Mar 29 - May 28 2013
Event Venue: Moti Mahal Delux Restaurant
Event Time: All Day, Event occurs daily

Grill special food

Tandoori Starters:
Tandoori Starters -Non Veg, Tandoori Starters -Fish, Tandoori Starters- Vegetarian
Specialities: Chicken, Mutton & Vegetarian Menu.

Vegetarian - Paneer Tikka (2 pieces), Malai Seekh (2 pieces), Salad, Dal Makhani & Naan.

Special Delicious Menu @ Kames Hut Restaurant:

Event Date: Mar 29 - May 28 2013
Event Venue: KamesHut Restaurant
Event Time: All Day, Event occurs daily

Breakfast restaurants in Varanasi

Breakfast: Indian Breakfast, English Breakfast, Beverages, Soft Drinks, Snacks (Toast), Sandwich, Fried & Non Vegetarian .

Indian Dishes Menu: Dals, Vegetables, Paneer, Non Vegetarian, Salad-Raita, Rice, Roti & Tandoor Items.

Continental Menu: Soup, Snacks, Vegetable, Non-Vegetarian.

Chinese Menu: Soup, Chowmein, Roll, Chopsey & Dessert / Ice Cream.

Find some top restaurants in Delhi, if you coming via Delhi.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Great Magic Show in Bangalore By KS Ramesh at MLR Convention Centre

Magic is the process to amaze your friends and fool your enemies. So come and learn how to make fool your enemies at MLR Conventional centre. Magic is the state of illusion or the process of making something appear to be happening that actually isn't. 

Magic show in Bangalore

MAGIC ACADEMY,BANGALORE... the first of its kind in India, is an organization working for the advancement of the wonderful and fascinating world of the art of Magic in India.

Festival of Magic 2013 in Bangalore

Event Date: Apr 19 2013
Event Time: Apr 19 2013: 6:30 PM
Apr 20th: 11:00 am, 4:00 pm, 7:00 PM
Event duration: 1:30 hrs

MAGIC as an art has fascinated, thrilled and amused all of us from times immemorial. From village streets to courts of royalty, developing over the years, it has reached the Modern Stage and Television. 

Magic Show at MLR Convention Centre JP Nagar

These 90 minute shows will present spellbinding, mind boggling, witty and colourful acts of Illusion, stand-up acts of conjuring, sleight of hand, close-up magic and other amazing acts of skill performed by world class Magicians. A not-to-miss treat for every magic lover.


Magician K.S.RAMESH, is India’s finest, with an amazing repertoire of mind-boggling Illusions, Cabaret style Magic, Close-up Magic, Conjuring acts, Mentalism and more.. all combined to produce the best Magical Entertainment in the country.

K.S.RAMESH a great magician

K.S.RAMESH has been enthralling audiences across the country and also in over twenty countries, for over three decades on Live stage, Television, Feature films, corporate events, Award nites, Cruise ships, Celebrity shows, Mega theatre….

K.S.RAMESH a great magician

An accomplished actor in feature films and television, in various languages, K.S.RAMESH has to his credit many firsts and has pioneered ‘Magic’ in films, television, events and entertainment in India. He has produced and directed several series of ‘Magic’ on regional and national television and has been lauded for his cameos and special magical effects in films. 

Here is the list of movies in which K.S. Ramesh showed his magic as a magician as well as actor.

Amitabh Bachchan’s Jadugar:

K.S.RAMESH magic in Jadugar

Kamal Hassan’s Pushpak:

K.S.RAMESH in Pushpak

Rakesh Roshan’s King Uncle:

K.S.RAMESH in king uncle

Shah Rukh Khan’s Badshah:

Mithun Chakraborty’s Phir Kabhi:

Roop ki Rani Choron ka Raja:

KS Ramesh in Bollywood show:

KS Ramesh in Bollywood show

K.S.RAMESH has won grand applause in the Indian corporate world for his innovative and Magical ‘Product launches’….be it a computer, a paint, a bank, a coffee or a car…the range of products and clients he has lent his Magic touch to…is magic!

There are lot of good events happening in the city. Just visit buzzintown to know other happening events in Bangalore.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Ugadi Festival and Food Options in Bangalore Restaurant

Ugadi marks the beginning of Hindu new year and is celebrated with great joy across India. Yuga means a repeated cycle of time for a year and Aadi stands for the beginning. Let us begin with the rich and diversified heritage of India. In India, people consider Indian cooking and Indian food recipes as an art and as a form of heritage. Few people saying its down from generations to generations but still in India people so excited to prepare different varieties of food and dishes.

Ugadi Celebration

In major cities few restaurants also follow the tradition and prepare dishes as per festival. lets come to enjoy Ugadi special food at restaurants in Bangalore, here we have mention few restaurants which is preparing Ugadi special food dishes.

Ugadi Special Buffet in Grand Mercure Hotel:

Event Date: Apr 11 2013
Event Venue: Grand Mercure Bangalore
Event Time: 12:00 PM

Ugadi special food in Bangalore

Grand Mercure Hotel introduces special buffet for Ugadi Shubhashaya.

The excitement of new bloom Ugadi has once again reached in time and its bounty. On this grand momentous celebration Grand Mercure 12th Main restaurant has arranged a grand ceremonious Ugadi Lunch Buffet.

Ugadi food at bangalore restaurant

The people of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh use the term Yugadi/Ugadhi for this festival, and the people of Maharashtra same festival observed on the same day as Gudi Padwa. Sindhis, people from Sindh, celebrate the same day as their New Year day Cheti Chand. Different different region's people celebrate it by different name and prepare few special dishes to celebrate it.

Ugadi special food:

Folks I bring few special Ugadi food for you, which is people used to prepare on this special occasion.

In Karnataka a special dish called obbattu or Holige, is prepared.
In Andhra Pradesh, a special dish called Bhakshyalu or Bobbatlu (Polelu)
In Maharashtra Puran Poli are prepared on this occasion. 

Maharashtrian Puran Poli

Puran poli is the sweet flat bread which is an all time favorite for all, a person who say hates sweets loves 'Puran poli'. Puran poli as it is called by Maharashtrians is Ubbatti in Konkani and Obbattu and Holige in kannada.

Ugadi special puran poli

Puran Poli consists of a filling (gram and jaggery/sugar boiled and made in to a paste) stuffed in a flat roti-like bread. It is usually eaten hot or cold with ghee or milk topping or coconut milk at some places of Karnataka. Another dish which is prepared on occasion of Ugadi is Ugadi pachhadi

Sweet Food:
Mango pachadi: Sweet, tangy, bitter and spicy, this dish lends the flavours of the season to the festival

Ugadi special sweet

Ugadi bobbatlu: This jaggery, channa dal dish is shallow fried on griddle like a paratha for a better flavour
Ariselu: Rice, sesame seed and jaggery deep fried to make a crisp, sweet puri-like dish

Spicy Food:

Bisi Bele Bhath: Vegetables and rice cooked with choice spices to get a flavoursome bhath

Medhu vada: Crisp, golden brown vadas can be served with coconut chutney and spicy sambar

Visit us regularly to know all occasional and festival events in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and other major Indian cities.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

IPL Offers and Deals in Delhi | Mumbai | Bangalore | Chennai

IPL is moving with full swing. Different offers are floating across country to enjoy match with excitement. Now find at Buzzintown special IPL food and drink offers in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai restaurants. Read this blog and know which restaurant is giving special food and drink offer and deals in your city.

Special IPL Offer in Delhi: here we have given some most exciting places where they providing hot ipl deals on food and liquor. Just go and enjoy this ipl season by watching your favorite teams battle.

IPL Special Deals in Island Bar:

Event Date: Apr 03 - May 26 2013
Event Venue: The Island Bar
Event Time: 03:00 PM, Event occurs daily
Event duration: 10:00 hrs

IPL Special Deals in Island Bar

Island Bar welcomes all the enthusiastic game lovers for the 2013 season of the Indian Premiur League, to experience the same thrill as watching the matches live in the stadium. While the decor of the Island bar gives a stadium like feel to the place, get bowled over by an amazing line up of theme based Packages.

Live IPL Match Screening in Glued:

Event Date: Apr 03 - May 26 2013
Event Venue: Glued
Event Time: All Day, Event occurs daily

Live IPL Match Screening in Glued

Live IPL Match Screening in Glued. Combos beer Steaks Burgers.

IPL Fever with Special Cocktails & Beer Packages in Royal China:

Event Date: Apr 03 - May 26 2013
Event Venue: Royal China
Event Time: 08:00 PM, Event occurs daily
Event duration: 03:00 hrs

Special Cocktails & Beer Packages in Royal China

Cheers for your favorite team; Watch the IPL, LIVE on the BIG Screen with attractive packages. Royal China has a lot to offer to quench your thirst..Choose Any 1 or all.

Special Screening for IPL in Radisson Blu Suites:

Event Date: Apr 03 - May 26 2013
Event Venue: Radisson Blu Suites Gurgaon
Event Time: All Day, Event occurs daily

Screening for IPL in Radisson Blu Suites

IPL special includes Beer Bucket 4 at a special feature price of 444* and Happy Match Hours (1+1) on select beverages during match hour. There is more excitement in store like attractive prices through scratch card and passes for matches in Delhi to be won.

Live Screenings of IPL 2013 Matches:

Event Date: Apr 03 - May 26 2013
Event Venue: Premier Inn Bangalore
Event Time: All Day, Event occurs daily

Live Screenings of IPL 2013 Matches

Premier Inn Bangalore has organized live screenings of IPL 2013 matches. Watch your favorite teams battle it out for the champions title. Cheer for them along with your friends and colleagues as you sip on some chilled beer or soft-drinks along with unlimited snacks.

Kebab & Biryani Festival in Gufha Restaurant:

Event Date: Apr 12 - Apr 21 2013
Event Venue: Gufha Restaurant
Event Time: All Day, Event occurs daily

Kebab & Biryani Festival in Gufha Restaurant

IPL Promotion: Kebab & Biryani Festival in Gufha Restaurant. 10 % Discount for Buzzintown Guest on IPL Promotion. 15 % Discount on Food & Liquor on weekday lunch. Up Coming Kebab & Biryani festival 10 % Discount for Buzzintown Guest.

IPL Offer Buy one get one Free:

Event Date: Apr 03 - May 31 2013
Event Venue: Oyster Bay Seafood Restaurant and Lounge Bar
Event Time: All Day, Event occurs daily

IPL Offer Buy one get one Free at oyester bay

Delicious Seafood Buffet Lunch with live grill @ 310+Tax(Mon-Thu)
Special weekend Buffet Lunch@ 425+Tax
Unlimited crabs and prawns in weekend buffet.
Dinner Buffet @ 500+ Tax.
The Grill & Curry Bowl, Fine Dine & Wine Lounge, promoted by Oyster Bay is now open on Level 5, 1 MG Mall, opp Taj Vivanta, Trinity Circle, Bangalore.

Howzzaat! - IPL T20 Special in Spree Hotel:

Event Date: Apr 03 - May 26 2013
Event Venue: Spree Hotel
Event Time: All Day, Event occurs daily

IPL T20 Special in Spree Hotel

Beverage Offer:
Unlimited House pouring brands of hard liquor with 1 chef's choice of veg/non-veg starter @ Rs. 888/-
Unlimited Draught beer with chef's choice of 1 veg /non - veg starter @ Rs. 555/-

IPL Special Offer in Escobar:

Event Date: Apr 03 - May 26 2013
Event Venue: Escobar - VN Sphere Mall
Event Time: All Day, Event occurs daily

IPL Special Offer in Escobar

The IPL Season just got a whole lot better with an incredible offer on food and beverages at Escobar. Enjoy a larger than life screening of the IPL Matches at Bandra's trendiest Tapas Bar with unlimited alcohol and starters (2 vegetarian and 2 non vegetarian) from the moment the first ball of the match is bowled until the last.

Enjoy The IPL Mania with our Limited Edition IPL Platters in MUCB:

Event Date: Apr 03 - May 26 2013
Event Venue: Manchester United Cafe Bar - Lower Parel
Event Time: 12:00 PM, Event occurs daily
Event duration: 01:00 hrs

Enjoy The IPL Mania Manchester United Cafe Bar

Manchester United Cafe Bar invites all cricket fanatics this summer to enjoy the new season of IPL which kick. To ensure an extraordinary experience for all the fans, MUCB will be screening the live action of IPL season 6 on their 252 inch screens which are the largest screens in Mumbai.

Special Offers for IPL in Cheval:

Event Date: Apr 03 - May 26 2013
Event Venue: Cheval
Event Time: 08:00 PM, Event occurs daily
Event duration: 03:00 hrs

Special Offers for IPL in Cheval

Beer Bucket 5 Pints for 700 + tax (Kingfisher), 5 pints for 1000 +tax for kingfisher ultra & 5 pints for 1200 +tax For heinekien
Let us know if you need any further information on the same.

IPL 2013 Offer in The Blu Balcony:

Event Date: Apr 03 - May 26 2013
Event Venue: The Blu Balcony
Event Time: All Day, Event occurs daily

IPL 2013 Offer in The Blu Balcony

Beer Bucket Bowl-out(5 Pints)
Kingfisher Premium @ 497/-
Kingfisher Ultra @ 597/-
Heineken @ 697/-
Top up- Cheese Nachos and Salsa Dip @ 117/-

Live IPL Match in Big Screen with Non-Stoppable Snacks:

Event Date: Apr 03 - May 26 2013
Event Venue: Zero Degree
Event Time: All Day, Event occurs daily

Live IPL Match in Big Screen

Power Play order three Kingfisher pint beer @ 300
25% discount of 2nd Match(7:30 pm - 11:30 pm)
50% Discount of First match(3 pm to 07:30 pm)
Any Domestic Liquor 6 small @ 666/-
Buy 3 Get Free International Player
15% Discount of International Player.

Enjoy IPL 6 in the Best Bar in Town:

Event Date: Apr 03 - May 26 2013
Event Venue: Radisson Blu GRT Hotels
Event Time: All Day, Event occurs daily

Enjoy IPL 6 in the Best Bar in Town

It will be 56 days of excitement, thrills and a few disappointments too. Never the less it is going to be nail biting finishes which will send the adrenalin gushing. Radisson Blu GRT Hotel sets the Cricket atmosphere on fire by creating an Exclusive IPL menu with Pitcher cocktails, Cocktails, mocktails, Cocktail snacks and more.