Thursday, November 15, 2012

Live Music Concert of Antara Nandy With Dipannita Acharya

Two super stars performing live music concert in Bangalore at Phoenix Market City, one is SA RE GA MA PA Lil Champs 2009 Antara Nandy and Another one is Dipannita, She is a great folk singer. 

For your knowledge I want to mention here Antara Nandy won the international singers award in the online contest by DREAM CATHERS VISION 2012. Antara is a CCRT Scholar for 2012 (Centre for Cultural Talent Reserch by Government of India). 

Antara Nandy Live music concert with Dipannita Acharya 

Date: Nov 17 2012 ,8:00 pm Event duration:  3:00 hrs

Concert Venue:  Phoenix Market City Bangalore

Do yo remember Antara Nandy's Performance..?

On June 20 Taare Hai Baraati:

Taare Hai Baraati by Antara Nandy

Teri deewani by Antara Nandy

Teri deewani by Antara Nandy

Antara nandy singing teri deewani in saregamapa litle champs 2009

Rollin in the deep - Antara Nandy (Cover):

Rollin in the deep - Antara Nandy

 Antara just 13 yrs now attempts this ADELE Grammy winning number without any formal training on western vocals.

Khwab Dekhe (Sexy Lady) sung by Antara Nandy, Zee TV, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Little champs
Khwab Dekhe (Sexy Lady) sung by Antara Nandy

Main Albeli - sung by the talented Antara Nandy at Sa Re Ga Ma Pa little champs on Zee TV :

Antara Nandy live music concert in Bangalore

Antara Nandy's Which song you like most ?
  1. Pyar nahi karna jahan sara kahta hai..
  2. Tare hai barati
  3. Teri Diwari

Dipannita Acharya is a folk singer by born, she belongs to a Bengali family. She started to take music lesson from her mother geeta dutta and then from a music school of her town where she learnt different form of music like rabindrasangeet , najrulgeeti, etc.

Dipannita and Antara will performing on one stage at Phoenix Market City. Find out some most popular song, sung by Dipannita Aacharya.

Allah r bine keho:

Allah r bine keho sung by Dipannita Acharya

Tute bajudari loom by Dipannita Acharya:
a traditional Rajasthani folk song by Dipannita Acharya designed by indrajit dey.

Tute bajudari loom by dipannita acharya:

Regional Shows with Folk Music mainly in Bengali, Assamese, Rajasthani, Guajarati etc

A Rajasthani folk performance by Dipannita Acharya and Binjaran at basement:

Rajasthani folk performance by Dipannita Acharya

Chaumasa by dipannita acharya:

Ali kinare by Dipannita Acharya:

Ali kinare by Dipannita Acharya

Dipannita is now working on a project with Indrajit Dey to release Rajasthani Folk Songs and her Self Sung Compositions will be digitally released soon on Hamara Music 

Live Music Concert Dipannita Acharya

Dipannita Released Albums are:
Amar Swapon (HMV)

Nao Beye Jao (Zee Records)    
X-Cuse Me  (Theme Music)

Pranami Tomaye ( Theme Music)

Dipannita next project hamara music

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