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Dance Classes in Delhi | Training for Professional Dancers

Do you like to learn dance? So lets have an Idea, where you should go for training. It is an excellent opportunity for Delhi dancers to further their experience under a set of highly reputed national and international trainers. The programme will include classes in various techniques such as flying Low, Improvisation, Ballet, Yoga, Limon, Chhau, Feldenkrais, Release, Laban Movement Analysis, Body-Conditioning and Alignment.

Dance class events at The Gati Dance Forum Delhi

Yoga Dance and Classical Ballet with Soraya Franco

Yoga Dance training in Delhi

Event Date: Nov 19 - Dec 14 2012: Soraya Franco is an accomplished choreographer, ballet, yoga and dance teacher. She created the technique Yogadence Therapy and has participated in various international dance festivals. The class is based on the application of the principles of yoga in the art of dance. The structure of the yoga and ballet technique classes consists of a sequence of exercises which build upon each other, carefully preparing and guiding the dancer towards an inner exploration of the organic impulses of the body.

Training Programme for Professional Dancers

Training has going on from 19 Nov 2012 and continue up to 14 Dec 2012 at Venue The Gati Dance Forum Delhi. Training Programme for Professional Dancers Vitamin G. Applications open for 3rd month of Vitamin G. Vitamin G is a 3-month training programme offered at the Gati Dance Forum to meet the needs of freelance professional dancers. This part-time programme is especially designed to: expand and diversify your technical skills deepan your understanding of the body and its alignment develop your creative abilities.

Body Journey Classes with Susanne Linke

Event Date: Nov 26 - Dec 07 2012: The class is creative training which includes physical body technique, forms that transform into dance and energy work through the space. The class is a journey to the inside with an extension to the outside, and focuses on finding the balance between the inside and the outside.

Release Classes with Mandeep Raikhy

Event Date Nov 29 2012: Release Classes with Mandeep Raikhy with a focus on alignment dynamics and efficiency in movement, this is a release bases technique class is especially designed for advanced level dancers. The class will usecorestrengthening and improvisation as tools for conditioning the body and exploding into space.

Come at Shri ram Center and learn classical Kathak Dance by Punita Sharma on upcoming 29 November 2012 at 06:30 PM.

THE MOVE-- the ultimate dance class starts at Dharma Bhawan Delhi

The Move Dance class in Delhi

We are professional in the dancing field. We have our dance studio in South Ex-1, New Delhi and growing. At present, we teach Jazz, Salsa and Contemporary dance styles. We provide classes on Sundays at Dharma Bhawan in evening at 5. Classes begin with cardio and then different styles to dances. If you interested then come to Dharma Bhawan in Delhi from Oct 25 2012 to Apr 18 2012 every thursday only.

Aadharchakra - A Dancelogue

Event Date: Dec 01 2012
Event Venue: Purana Qila (Old Fort of Delhi)
Event Time: 06:00 PM

Dance training in Delhi

Aadharchakra - A Dancelogue. A project by Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts, Bangalore. Aadhaara Chakra - A Dancelogue is a hybrid 'performance event', weaving in multiple disciplines - movement, film, light, plastic arts, multimedia design and sound. Set in an imagined land and oscillating between the past and present, the work invites the audience to partake in a ritualised experience. In a complex and often fragmented narrative, the dancers embody characters from diverse Indian locales and periods. Celluloid images accompany the sometimes-surreal visual journey.

Antropia - Dance Performance at Instituto Cervante

Antropia Dance Performance in Delhi

This dance performance event is happening to Dec 01 2012 at Instituto Cervantes from 07:00 PM. Antropia - Dance Performance by Realizando Ideas. In collaboration with the Embassy of Mexico

This two day Salsa dance course will start from December 01 2012 at Instituto Cervantes and finish to December 02 2012. So do not miss this apportunity if you really wanna to learn salsa Dance. It will start from 04:00 PM, and will continue for 02:30 hrs.

Salsa Dance Course in Delhi

Salsa is a dance style created by the Spanish-speaking people from the Caribbean that fits salsa music. Salsa is a mix of dance influences from Africa and Spain, in a fussion with different variants in each of the American countries and regions. Visit for more details about all happening music and dance events in Delhi.

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