Sunday, May 19, 2013

Vicinia Cafe & Bar at Kemp's Corner | A New Place to Dine in South Mumbai

Vicinia is a day long cafe bar situated in the heart of city at Kemp's corner, Mumbai that comes under mainly in European cuisines. This restaurant serves breakfast, soups and salads, appetizers, burgers, sandwiches, pastas and pizzas, along with desserts and cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks.

Vicinia Cafe & Bar at Kemp's Corner

When the review invite came to me, it said Vicinia Cafe and Bar in South Mumbai will be bringing the experience of a European road-side cafe to town. And that was the trigger that made us happily accept the invite. Vicinia means 'neighborhood' so if you stay around Kemps corner then this could be your pet place. 

Best restaurant and bar in South Mumbai

Housed inside an old heritage building, Vicinia is a very good looking café. There is a facade made entirely of glass offering a meal with a view. Enter and be enveloped by the cosy, well-appointed interiors filled with artifacts from around the world. If you love lamps check out the one at the entrance. 

Top European food restaurant at Kemps Corner

We started our lunch with Ceases salad (Rs.180) and Truffled mushroom crostini (Rs.425). The salad was just fine and there was nothing much to talk about it. The crostini on the other hand was rich, thanks to the truffle oil. We also tried their Chicken supreme (Rs.300) and that sure did tease the taste buds with the perfect seasoning. 

European restaurant at Kemps Corner

The menu is huge. It offers breakfast, sandwitches, burgers, pizzas, pasta and a good selection for the entrée. We were suggested, that we must try Truffled mushroom capellini (Rs.675). This by far was the best thing I had tried here.

Bar restaurant at Kemps Corner

The Braised chicken breast (Rs.425) we tried was a bit bland, but the accomplishments with it were delicious. A little more seasoning this one could have been way much better! 

best restaurant at Kemps Corner

For the desserts we tried the gooey chocolate cake, which was not really gooey. The flavors were just perfect, but the texture made it look more like a cake.

Verdict: Vicinia Cafe and Bar is a good place to dine. Service is good. The menu is well set giving you a lot of options. Costs are also moderate considering what is being served on the plate. Visit us to get more good places to dine in Mumbai.

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