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CTF 2013 | Comedy Theater Festival 2013 | Plays In Amphi Theater, Delhi

Delhi is never dry in events and entertainment. Most exciting fun filled Comedy Theatre Festival 2013 is coming to the Theatre Royal! Stuffing one of the India's largest comedy festivals into the one show is no easy, but the Comedy Theater Festival Delhi has done just that with CTF 2013.

All Comedy theater festival plays will be happening only at Amphi Theatre New Delhi.

Chala Musaddi Hero Bannye – Play in Delhi:

Play Date: Feb 05 2013
Play Time: 06:30 PM Event duration: 1:30 hrs

CTF 2013

CTF 2013: Chala Musaddi Hero Bannye - Play. Written & Directed By: Yasin Khan. Musaddi Lal is a common man living in a locality, but ingenuous and honest. Helps people in their bad times, and solve many of the locality's problems by going to the concerned department. Because of all this, he becomes the hero of his locality, but a nuisance for some people.

Ulti Khopdi - Play:

Play Date: Feb 06 2013
Play Time: 06:30 PM Event duration: 1:30 hrs

CTF 2013: Ulti Khopdi - Play. Written & Directed By: Yasin Khan.

CTF 2013

Dr. Bhatt is a scientist who is sixty years old. He remains busy with some of his experiments and one day he discovers a truth speaking medicine and dreams of becoming a millionaire by selling his formula to prime investigation agencies.

The play revolves around how this medicine is consumed by Dr. Bhatt's wife and the ugly and funny truths that are discovered and how at the end of it all things fall in place, but not before creating an array of rip-roaring comical situations. All CTF events will become 2013 best events in Delhi.

Lo Baj Gaya Band - Play:

Play Date: Feb 07 2013
Play Time: 06:30 PM Event duration: 1:30 hrs

CTF 2013 Play

CTF 2013: Lo Baj Gaya Band - Play. Written & Directed By: Yasin Khan. Sunder Lal lives alone with his servant Surma because his wife has left him 20 years ago and is living in her maternal home. That's why Sunder Lal wishes to have a second marriage, in which Pandit Champak Lal helps him. Pandit Champak Lal brings to him different kind of marriage proposals. But in every proposal, middle-aged Sunder Lal has to pass through different ordeals.

Kyunki Sasur Bhi Kabhi Damad Tha - Play:

Play Date: Feb 08 2013
Play Time: 06:30 PM Event duration: 1:30 hrs

CTF 2013 Play

This is the story of Guptaji and Bijju who are neighbors. Bijju is in love with Rajjo, the only daughter of Guptaji. Rajjo too secretly admires Bijju, but her father isn’t too impressed; the reason being Bijju’s unemployment and his involvement in small thefts and nuisances in the locality.

Guptaji challenges Bijju and tells him that he can marry his daughter provided he earns enough money to be considered ‘successful’. Bijju agrees to the challenge and easily earns a large sum of money by deceiving people around.

Calamity strikes just as things seem to fall in his favour; he is about to win the challenge and his love but Bijju is drawn into a tough situation. He must help a poor family in dire need of money for their daughter’s wedding. His humanity is aroused as he decides to donate the entire sum.

CTF 2013: Putla Dehan - Play:

Play Date: Feb 09 2013
Play Time: 06:30 PM Event duration: 1:30 hrs

CTF 2013: Putla Dehan

CTF 2013: Putla Dehan - Play. Written & Directed By : Yasin Khan.

Picketing and movements are being exhibited door to door. In this situation, an effigy (PUTLA) is made. Before agitators could burn it, he sneaks away from there. He stealthily reaches at Indra Prastha Park. And then starts the open game of some depraved people of the society in a comical way which opens the eyes of the effigy. In the end when the agitators advances to burn the effigy he places a condition in front of them that, 'Whoever is not depraved could step forward and burn me.' Everyone steps back. The effigy guffaws and says that, 'I would not die ever, and everything would go on as it is because everyone is corrupt from top to bottom, be it politician or capitalist or common man.' Even then, effigy is burned, how? See the play 'Putla Dahan'.

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