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Reviews On Restaurants At New Delhi

Are you one of those eateries who are looking for a reliable food restaurant in Delhi, and are often confused to find out the restaurants. Whatever you are looking, just see the given reviews, and find out what to look for in a restaurant review it will help you.

Life Caffe

If your friend was to recommend you Life Caffe is one of the best restaurants in Connaught Place, you wouldn't really know where it was. Though located in the heart of Connaught Place (B 49, Inner Circle, Connaught Place), it would take you a while to figure it out. The entrance surprisingly is through Cafe Coffee Day... but once you are in, it's quite another experience altogether.

best restaurants at connaught place delhi

This decided European in character cafe is part of Corus Hotel in Delhi. The decor, with its floral prints walls, blue ceilings and a mix of wooden table and chairs (coloured a matching blue!) and plush urbane sofa gives it a very chic yet understated elegance and a very Parisian character. It is relaxed yet luxurious and very friendly.

European food restaurant in Delhi

For most parts, it has two-seater arrangement which is perfect for intimate conversations. A liberal display of plants and bonsai arrangement with stylish cane furniture in its outdoor seating, adds up to give the place a very happy and friendly feeling.

European food dishes

Life Caffe has a wonderful thing about giving you both a feel of relaxed Sunday Brunch while at other times, making a office hour power lunch perfectly feasible. Here's a friendly, warm place where you could savour your food is a chilled out manner before stepping into the buzzing business hub called Connaught Place.

Mainland China

Almost the first name that pops in mind when one considers Chinese cuisine these days Mainland China has taken seventeen years to become an overnight favourite. There’s little denying that Mainland China’s dishes do the trick but if quantity is what you crave then don’t look beyond their Lunch Buffet.

best Chinese restaurant

The easiest way to spice up a lazy afternoon, the lunch buffet at Mainland China is one of the ‘best value for money’ deals that money can get you among the Chinese and Indian restaurants in Delhi.

You wonder if there’s anything really exceptional when it comes to Chinese desserts. Mainland China’s ambience is simplistic and almost utilitarian. It seems like something is holding it back when it comes to doing up the place; there are the usual Chinese embellishments but that’s just about it.

Out of the Box, Delhi

It’s ironic that some of the city’s most innovative experiments when it comes to food happen in one of the oldest corners. among the Multi cuisine restaurant in Delhi, Hauz Khas Village has been the bedrock of some of the most exciting eating joints in New Delhi and Out of the Box is nothing less than first amongst equals.

Multi Cuisine restaurant Delhi

The name, Out of the Box, is an obvious giveaway to the intentions. And to a very grate extent the place ends up delivering on the promise. It’s spread over two floors and the terrace offers a very arresting visual of the Hauz Khas ruins as well as the lake. 

Out of the box Delhi

Out of the Box would be a better experience if you were to book a table in advance especially on the weekends. This is a nice place if you are up don’t expect it to be quite and not crowded or not bustling. If food is the main thought then this is a nice experience for it hardly leaves out anything to chance.

Flavors of Arabia

After making Chinese and Italian cuisine especially the pizza their own, has Middle Eastern food now become a part of the great Indian epicurean club? A look at the Flavors of Arabia menu suggests a gentle move in that direction.

Arabian food restaurant

Middle Eastern foods like hummus, falafel and baba ganoush have been a part of our lexicon for a while now and it was only a matter of time before a place like Flavors of Arabia became a reality. Perhaps one of the few, if not the only, standalone fine dining restaurant dedicated to Middle Eastern cuisine, Flavors of Arabia offers lip-smacking Arabian food made better by great detail to authenticity.

Arabian restaurant in Delhi

Flavors of Arabia received decent patronage but the guests couldn’t help but look for some real main course in the menu. The demand for Chinese and Indian dishes compelled them to redesign the menu but thankfully the Arabian dishes don’t have an Indian influence, yet.

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