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Philip Kotler In India: A Training Programme On The Future of Marketing Management

philip kotler
Philip Kotler who is treated as morden Guru & father of Marketing Management. Kotler was born in Chicago. He received his master's degree at the University of Chicago (1953) and his PhD at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1956), both in economics. He studied under three Nobel Laureates in Economic Science: Milton Friedman, Paul Samuelson, and Robert Solow. He did a year of postdoctoral work in mathematics at Harvard University and in behavioral science at the University of Chicago.

Now this Big Hunk is coming to India on 14th March to provide CERTIFIED TRAINNING PROGRAMME on Eight Ways to Grow Your Market Share-The Future of Marketing.

Event Details Of: Eight Ways To Grow Your Market Share By Dr. Philip Kotler

Venue: The Leela Kempinski - Hotel & Residences, Ambience Island, National Highway - 8, Gurgaon, Delhi

Date:  March 14, 2013

Time: 8 Am, All Day

To be part of this special certified training programme Tickets

Philip Kotler developed new concepts in marketing including social marketing, atmospherics, demarketing, megamarketing, turbomarketing and synchromarketing. He believes that marketing is a major economic discipline that goes beyond promotion and selling to include product development, distribution and pricing theory and practice, often called the 4Ps. Kotler has consulted many large companies in the areas of marketing strategy, planning and organization, and international marketing.

Some Popular Books By Dr. Philip Kotler

  • Marketing Management 
  • Principles of Marketing 
  • Social Marketing 
  • B2B Brand Management 
  • A Framework for Marketing Management 
  • Marketing for Hospitality and Tourism 
  • Ten Deadly Marketing Sins: Signs and Solutions
  • Marketing 3.0: From Products to Customers to the Human Spirit 
  • Kotler on Marketing: How to Create, Win, and Dominate Markets 
  • Marketing Insights from A to Z: 80 Concepts Every Manager Needs to Know 
  • Up and Out of Poverty: The Social Marketing Solution 
  • Social Marketing: Improving the Quality of Life 
  • Chaotics: The Business of Managing and Marketing in the Age of Turbulence 
  • Lateral Marketing: New Techniques for Finding Breakthrough Ideas 
  • Corporate Social Responsibility: Doing the Most Good for Your Company and Your Cause 

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