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META 2013: Mahindra Excellence Group Theatre Plays in Delhi

The Mahindra Group proudly presents the eighth edition of the Mahindra Excellence in Theatre Awards (META) to be held in March 2013. META playing all plays at two location, one is Little theatre group auditorium and another is Kamani auditorium. visit If would you like to know all plays and events in Delhi which will be happening in 2013.

The Old Man and The Sea:

Event Date: Mar 04 2013
Event Time: 05:30 PM Event duration: 1:30 hrs

Play at Little Theatre group auditorium

The story is based on Ernest Hemingway’s famous novel 'The Old Man and the Sea'. The main characters in the story are an old man named Santiago and Manolin, a young boy, friend, student and supporter of Santiago.

After the Silence - Play:

Event Date: Mar 05 2013
Event Time: 05:30 PM Event duration: 1:00 hrs

After the Silence - Play

META 2013: After the Silence - Play. Produced by: Sadhana Centre for Creative practice. Directed by: Martin John C. What is Self? What is reality? And, what remains eternal? ‘After the Silence’ takes off from these fundamental questions that haunted man from the beginning of humanity. It could be described as a continuation of the same quest that had prompted the ancient philosopher of Greek who strolled about with a lamp in full daylight looking for an honest man.

Shillak - Play:

Event Date: Mar 06 2013
Event Time: 05:30 PM Event duration: 1:00 hrs

Theater play in delhi

The word ‘shillak’ literally means savings; funds set aside or something that is left behind. Every time a society faces a socio-economic change, left behind are the echoes of the demands by that change, in the minds of the sufferers. What the next generation inherits from the past is the cracked, the fractured and the uncertain present. An average middle class family generally depends entirely on the father, the head of the house, for all necessities. Shillak peers into one such home and brings out the deep-seated distortions in its image brought about by these times of retrenchments and lay-offs.

The Priestess - Play:

Event Date: Mar 07 2013
Event Time: 05:30 PM Event duration: 1:30 hrs

Theater play the priestess in Delhi

A Pena player of the modern times forewarns of an unknown disaster lurking in the deep water of the river of life. An unknown force constantly invades upon the lives of fishermen, a spot from which none could escape. The attack took place one day in the lives of Rabei, a fishermen, Leihao his wife also a priestess and his son Lemba, Lemba and his father were taken captives. A sculptor working in the area instructed Leihao, the priestess to find his lost ones by using her hidden power. But, for the moment she could trace them she was forcibly given liquor and was raped by the unknown force. She was left alone in a secluded area, people mistook her for a women of loose character and their ignorance of the fact, punished her severely.

Savitri - Dancing in The Forest of Death - Play:

Event Date: Mar 08 2013
Event Time: 05:30 PM Event duration: 1:00 hrs

Play event in Delhi

Savitri – dancing in the forest of death is the story of a woman’s journey of loss, search, discovery and spiritual freedom through love. The original Savitri is a relatively minor character in the Mahabharata:

Fevicol - Play:

Event Date: Mar 03 2013
Event Time: 6:00 pm Event duration: 1:00 hrs

Play at Kamani Auditorium

”FEVICOL”is about the displacement of indigenous people. A man enters a household through deception and slowly takes over the lives and livelihood of the people who live there. He is the questionable "ajnabi" the stranger who exploits the status of the "mehmaan" the guest and corrupts everything through his agreed and focus on materialism He wants to set up an an Industry an ambition for which he is willing to do anything, go to any extent of lying deceiving or even begging the play stress the point that even though rhetoric is not always the truth, it proves to be a use full tool when fiction needs to be turned to facts

Gasha - Play:

Event Date: Mar 04 2013
Event Time: 07:30 PM Event duration: 1:00 hrs

Play events at Kamani Auditorium

While everything around seemed headed towards a slow collapse, in a shed on an island in the middle of a lake, two boys built their world. Twenty years later, it is quite another past that stands in their way.

Miruga vidushagam - Play:

Event Date: Mar 05 2013
Event Time: 07:30 PM Event duration: 1:00 hrs

Theater plays in Delhi

After emerging from the earth, the Miruga Vidhusagas with Buffaloheads having totem polls in their hands visit today’s world with their kins.

So Many Socks - Play:

Event Date: Mar 06 2013
Event Time: 07:30 PM Event duration: 1:30 hrs

So Many Socks at Kamani Auditorium

The play tells the story of three generations of a Tibetan family (living in exile in India) who find themselves stuck in different corners of a circle. A pair of boots and many socks are all that accompany them on their journey to find a place that each can call ‘home’.

Matte Eklavya - Play:

Event Date: Mar 07 2013
Event Time: 07:30 PM Event duration: 1:15 hrs

Play at kamani theater in delhi

Ekalavya represents the most peripheral edge in the Mahabharata. If Vyasa defines Karna as a mere leaf in the great tree of the Mahabharata, then one can imagine that, Ekalavya occupies a ‘zero space’. But he is also a great source of hope, because of his resurrection through self learning. The play examines his sources of knowledge.

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