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Dastaan E Ghazal at Unnati Auditorium Bangalore

The Ghazal is a poetic form. Ghazal is originating in 6th-century Arabic verse. It is derived from the Arabian panegyric qasida. The Ghazal is always written from the point of view of the unrequited lover whose beloved is portrayed as unattainable. There are so many singer popular as a Ghazal singer in the world. But right now I want to focus on Ram Nagraj.

Ram Nagraj Ghazal Fankaar

Enjoy Dastaan-E-Ghazal - By Bangalore's very own Ghazal Fankaar Ram Nagraj. To re-live the golden era of ghazals, Buzzintown brings to you Daastan-E-Ghazal, an evening that promises you delightful with Bangalore’s very own and much loved singer, Ram nagraj.

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Event Date: Feb 23 2013
Event Venue: Unnati Auditorium
Event Time: 4:30 pm, 7:30 pm Event duration: 3:00 hrs

A Ghazal Show in Bangalore

Soul rests, melodies live. The phrase can be rightly attributed to the king of ghazals, the music maestro Jagjit Singh, whose music has transcended time and spaces and pierced every heart, young or adult. His soulful, mesmerising and unforgettable music continues to be celebrated worldwide.

Ghazal show at Unnati Auditorium

While Jagjit ji left an indelible impression on our hearts, the likes of K.L.Saigal, Talat Mahmood, Begum Akhtar, Mehdi Hassan, Ghulam Ali, Munni Begum and Farida Khanum, with their endearing melodies, have left no less a legacy of renditions.

Ram Nagraj Ghazal singer

Ram Nagaraj has an inimitable voice that can conjure up the perkiness of a sunny day or surge with the pathos of unrequited love. His voice which is a finely honed instrument evokes passions effortlessly. Truly a gift from the 'Almighty' is all that this modest man say's, when asked how he manages to attempt various genres. He is happy singing even Bollywood retro besides wanting to attempt some kind of fusion. His musical influences range from Jazz greats like Chick Corea and Herbie Hancock; the Beatles and Cat Stevens; K.L.Saigal and Kishore Kumar to Mehdi Hassan and Jagjit Singh; besides his dearest friend on planet earth; Roop Kumar Rathod.

Famous Ghazals By Ram Nagaraj:

Kal Chaudwin Ki Raat Thi & Tera Chehra

Kal Chaudwin Ki Raat Thi & Tera Chehra by Ram Nagraj

Tum Naghma-e-Maah Ho - Original by Talat Aziz

Kaise Sukoon Paaon - Originally sung by Talat Aziz

Duniya Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein - Original by Mehdi Hassan

Ram nagaraj main aawara dhuan

Waqt ne kiya:

waqt ne kiya by Ram Nagraj

Roop tera mastana at Planet M:

Roop tera mastana by Ram Nagraj

During his stint in Bombay in the 80's, he studied under Ustad Aslam Khan Saab & Pandit Sudhindra Bhaumik. Over the years he has shared the stage with eminent singers like Ghulam Ali, Anup Jalota, Hariharan, Sunali and Roop Kumar Rathod. Way back in the mid 80's both Hariharan and Talat Aziz had recommended him strongly by voicing their views about his penchant for ghazal singing.

Ghazal Fankaar Ram Nagraj

Ram has over a 1,000 performances to his credit and has enthralled audiences in various towns and cities in India besides South Africa. His peppy medleys induce people to not only keep their feet tapping but also dancing. He has composed music for a few plays in Hindi and has even played himself in a Hindi film way back in 1993.

Ram Nagraj with Roop Kumar Rathode

Ram Nagraj is thus our choicest one to croon memorable haunting compositions of some of the all time great ghazal masters. We invite you all to come… drown and surrender yourselves to his rapturous tunes.

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