Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Women's Day Special Events in Delhi

Women day is celebrated on 8th of March every year. The focus of celebrations is respect, appreciation and love towards women, and celebration for woman's economic, political and social achievements. Now days Women's day celebration getting more popularity because every body knows that women start to do extra ordinary work in every sectors. They get great achievements in Sports, Scientist, IT, Telecoms, commercial sectors and everywhere. Woman's proved their selves that women is not made for kitchen only, they can do whatever they can think. So lets come and enjoy this prestigious woman's day to give them respect. 

Happy Womens Day 2013

Here are the list of venues they are celebrating woman's day, just select your appropriate events in Delhi and make happy your wife, mother, sister or daughter on this special day.

International Women's Day Celebration on 8 March 2013 at TLR Cafe, Kitchen, Bar & Lounge:

Womans day celebrations in Delhi

Ladies, it’s time to party for your right to fight! Fight the patriarchy, tear down the gender divide, really stick it to the man!

Womens day special events

In honour of International Women’s Day Celebration this year, Seagram’s Nine Hills is throwing an exclusive, epic celebration at TLR. For this one night only, as thanks to all women of New Delhi for putting up with New Delhi men for yet another year, Seagram’s Nine Hills is generously pouring the wine on the house and TLR is offering a selection of snacks on the house – for women only!

Women's Day Celebration with Special Beverage:

Event Date: Mar 01 - Mar 08 2013
Event Venue: The Pink Room - Cafe Lounge Bar Terrace
Event Time: 11:00 AM, Event occurs daily

Women's Day Celebration with Special Beverage

Make the woman in your life feel special at The Pink Room that calls you to join in the Women's Day celebrations this March. At The Pink Room Women's Week, each woman gets pampered with a free drink throughout the week. Be it your mom, sister, aunt, wife, girlfriend or your best friend; celebrate her importance in your life by pampering her with incredible terrace dining experience.

Women's Day Special: Great Indian Bazaar Carnival:

Event Date: Mar 08 2013
Event Venue: Epicentre
Event Time: 11:00 AM Event duration: 09:00 hrs

Women's Day Special

What can you expect at Great Indian Bazaar, Epicentre on:

* Entire spectrum of goodies for women – jewellery, apparels (suits, saris, etc), accessories (shoes, bags & more), d├ęcor, linen, kids’ wear
* All the products are exclusive as they are not available at retail outlets elsewhere Price: Rs 400 onwards

* Gift vouchers (Salon) for all the ladies who visit the shopping carnival

Women's Day Special includes 50% Discount:

Event Date: Mar 04 - Mar 10 2013
Event Venue: Radisson Blu Suites Gurgaon
Event Time: All Day, Event occurs daily

Womans day 2013 celebration

Radisson Blu Suites Gurgaon celebrating International Women's Day with a special warm gesture towards the woman. The hotel is featuring Women's day special for a week at The Creative Kitchen & TCK Lounge.

Woman's day special food

Women's Day Special includes 50% discount* on buffets & beverages for all women (*discount applicable only for women), Giveaways/Vouchers for the ladies.

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