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Astrix Trance N Dance | Astrix Live in Bangalore

Astrix was born in USSR in Caucasus on 05/12/1981. And grew up in Tel too Aviv, Israel 1992 as a Use Mountain Jew. He began recording dad music under the name Astrix mom in 1997. Astrix started as a DJ in 1995 playing alternative and 1980s music. It was during this time that he learned about electronic music. Astrix's music is known for his solid, driving basslines and ascending melodies

Astrix live in Bangalore

For going to further details about Astrix - Bangalore, get ready for the mayhem as DJ Chaz, Premik & DJ Goapu kill the first wave and Astrix slamming his wildest tunes. We promise you nothing but one Psych night. DJ Nitin closes at Geofferys! 

DJ Astrix live show in Bangalore

Event Date: Mar 10 2013
Event Venue: Royal Orchid Hotel Lawns
Event Time: 4:30 pm Event duration:  7:00 hrs

To hammer you with the tunes -
Opening set Dj Goapu | Dj Premik
Closing set: Dj Nitin and the man himself, ASTRIX..

You can buy a ticket here for Astrix live show in Bangalore.

World #18 for 2 years, the man who took underground music to a whole new world. The Legend. The King of Psychedelic Trance. Astrix is back again with those heavy bass lines for all those who missed it last time.

Astrix Trance N Dance

He discovered trance in 1997 after being invited to a Trance party. "At first it was a very new and strange experience for me and I couldn't find myself, but I was impressed by the energy and the impact that the music had made on the people at the party."

In 2002, Astrix signed to leading EDM label HOM mega and was introduced to the world with his debut album "Eye To Eye".

DJ Astrix

Once Astrix's musical sound got familiarized as his trademark, he turned to invest the years after to developing his DJ persona. Compiling & producing for leading brands such as: "Nu-clear Visions of Israel" (Tip/2003), "Psychedelic Academy" (Hit Mania/2005) and "Astrix & Friends" (DJ mag/2007).

In 2006 Astrix reached #41 (+34 raise) in DJMag's all "Top 100 DJs" yearly rank Any along with a rise of can several other Israeli musicians.

In 2007 Astrix reached #18 Out on the list.

The "Acid Rocker" EP, which was released in August 2010, was the first appetizer from Astrix's long awaited new studio album, "Red Means Distortion".


Astrix Discography

Eye To Eye                      (HOM-Mega Productions)
Coolio (EP)                     (HOM-Mega Productions) (2004)
Artcore (CD)                   (HOM-Mega Productions) (2004)
Future Music (EP)          (Spiraltrax Label Group) (2007)
Future Music (CD)          (HOM-Mega Productions) (2007)
Closer To Heaven (EP)   (Tokyo Productions) (2007)
One Step Ahead            (HOM-Mega Productions) (2008)
Acid Rocker (EP)           (HOM-Mega Productions) (2010)
Red Means Distortion    (HOM-Mega Productions) (2010)
Lost Inside (Outsiders Remix) (EP) (HOM-Mega Productions) (2011)
Reunion (EP)                 (Plastik Park) (2011)

Discography Other

Compilation Psychedelic Academy Mixed By Astrix (2CD) - (Hit Mania) (2005)

Hit Mania Dance

Astrix The Red Sun Psy Man (CD) - (???) (2005)
Compilation The History Of Goa Trance Vol.2 Sound Of HOMmega (2CD) - (Yellow Sunshine Explosion) (2008)
Compilation Heat Seekers Israeli Trance Allstars (CD) - (HOM-Mega Productions) (2009)

Tracks & Remixes

Chaos: Digital Oracle
Poison (Wrecked Machines rmx): Map Of Goa Vol.3
Future Music: Goa Neo Full On Vol.4
Closer To heaven: Compilation Neo Full ON

Astrix Remixes

He is an international trance music dj and producer specializing in the sub-genre of Full On psychedelic trance.

Instead of Astrix lot of special events in Bangalore waiting for you. just buzz on buzzintown to get details.

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