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ITCF Events in Ranga Shankara | International Theatre for Children Festival | ITCF Bangalore

Ranga Shankara presents AHA! International Theatre for Children Festival (ITCF) which is going to happen from July 1st 2013 to July 13 2013. AHA! Is Continuous activity of Ranga Shankara for children in the form of plays, workshops, International Theater and Puppetry Fests, outreach programs, and exchange programs are planned under AHA. Arundhati Nag, Creative Director of Ranga Shankara said Hutch and Britannia has come forward to support us in this ambitious venture that is sure to make a very positive difference in the lives of the city's children. 

International Theatre for Children Festival

AHA! is Ranga Shankara's most ambitious program to date and brings theatre in all its aspects to younger people. A sustained program that reaches out to over 1500 children from all backgrounds every month, AHA! believes in giving children the theatre that they want, with their concerns, their hopes and ambitions.

Mimmi and Brumm-Chamomile Tea - Play:

Theater Play in Bangalore

Synopsis - One morning Mimi awakens and is puzzled: Why is the oven cold? Is Brumm not awake yet? The small mouse goes into the bedroom where her father is still in bed. But the bear Brumm hasn’t become lazy over night, he is sick and cannot get up. Mimi is worried and also a little bit angry. She calls a doctor. Getting passes and to know more about this story visit buzzintown's theater and art section.

Raja Tantra Choo Mantra - Play:

Event Date: Jul 02 - Jul 03 2013
Event Venue: Ranga Shankara
Event Time: 7:30 pm, Event occurs daily
Event duration: 1:00 hrs

About Play: A girl with a special power, an evil king who not only keeps his people poor and over taxed but also is constantly at war with his neighbors, a last ditch effort of a country for peace. Raja Tantra Choo Mantra is about conquering and coming to terms with not only the outside realities but also of our internal turmoil. Some wars are fought in the battleground and many others are fought inside our mind. While the girl has her powers the King has his own little secret. Is the evil King and what happens to what the play attempts to unravel. Storytellers tell and enact the play using objects and puppets. The music for the play will be created using toy musical instruments. The play attempts to deal with some weighty issues in a lighter vein.

Taming of the World -( Puppet Show):

Event Date: Jul 04 2013
Event Venue: Ranga Shankara
Event Time: 07:00 PM
Event duration: 01:15 hrs

Puppet Show in Bangalore

Synopsis - A beautiful puppet theater play coming soon in Bangalore with three episodes that carry simple messages of love for nature and other creatures. Puppets have always endeared themselves to children. They open up in the childs' mind, a world of fantasy, a world of possibilities beyond those created with realism. The World Within: A shimmering pond on a bright and sunny day. Just go through the given link to read full story of Taming of the World (Puppet Show).

ITCF 2013: Children's Film Show-'Heda Hoda'- play

Event Date: Jul 05 2013
Event Venue: Ranga Shankara
Event Time: 7:30 pm
Event duration: 1:15 hrs

Synopsis : Sonu lives with his sister Lakshmi and parents in a rustic village in Kutch, Gujarat bordering Pakistan. One day when his father falls sick, Sonu and Lakshmi volunteer to graze the camels. During a food break, the camels drift away. Sonu goes in search only to find himself lost in the wilderness with no camel in sight. He unknowingly crosses the border and lands at herdsman Razak’s home in Pakistan. Concerned by his plight, Razak quietly takes Sonu and leaves him across the border with the promise to find and deliver his camels. The film that comments on the concept of borders that adults build and how no borders can be built upon the innocence of a child. The film has won many awards globally.

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