Monday, December 3, 2012

New Year Parties 2013 | New year Celebrations | 31st Dec 2012 parties

Now time came to welcome New Year 2013: It's party time! Just update your calender when and where to enjoy this precious time

Where's the New Year Eve Party?

As Year 2012 is just round the corner, people of the city are waiting for this beautiful moment to enjoy this New Year’s eve. What to wear and where to go is the most important thing on your mind while you might be busy debating which restaurants are buzzing with the best dancing and merriment options and which hotels are offering a great deal at reasonable prices. 

New year party 2013

So let provide you with some great ideas (without the stress!) for  perfect party for you. Only Buzzintown have the list of all Venues where New year party 2013 will be celebrate in India.

New Year Eve parties in Delhi:

Delhi is the ultimate gem of Asia looks fabulous on the New Year Festival. This state celebrates New Year with great enthusiasm and zeal. Unlike other festivals, New Year's Eve in Delhi is celebrated in Eastern as well as Western tradition.

New Year parties in Delhi

New Year Festival is considered as a major festival for the people of India. Most of the ceremonies and celebrations activities are performed in Western manner. For New Year Festival Markets are decorated in different shades. Dinners are organized to celebrate the occasion.

New Year Eve Parties in Mumbai:

It’s that time of the year to let your hair down and let the countdown begin! Guess what Mumbai has lined up for New Year’s Eve.

New Year parties in Mumbai

You could dance your way into 2012 at the Mumbai Nightclubs and bars with a sumptuous platter of food, pulsating music, in-house DJ and unlimited alcohol. Join the crowds at the “Central Bar” for a countdown blast complete with confetti, cannons, blaring music and high spirits or get spoil for choice at “Fifty Five East” with a delectable buffet, cocktails, desserts and more.

New year 2013 parties

Check Out all New Year Bashes in Mumbai: To bid goodbye to 2012 and usher in 2013 in style, Mumbai is all set to party and raise a toast to good times. Join us on a swish round up of what choices Mumbai’s beautiful people have this New Year’s Eve…

New Year Bashes in Mumbai

Whichever way you look at it, Mumbai is all set to rock!

Rock the party tonight!

If it’s 31st December, it has to be party time! A time when one rings in the New Year with fun, frolic, gaiety and loads of happy memories. 

New year Celebrations in Mumbai

A time when enjoyment spells the day (& night)…
A time when unlimited booze is the order of the day…
A time when fathers and sons dance in gay abandon…
A time when moms and daughters share happy times together…
In short, it is the time of the year to BE!

New Year Parties 2013 in Bangalore: what's Bangalore doing this NYE?

Bangalore is better known as the party city! Fasten your seat belts as we zip you through the party line-up for New Year Eve in Bangalore.

New Year parties 2013 in Bangalore

Party mixes will complement their heady potions and cocktails, while exotic buffet spreads tickle your palate.

How about joining the red carpet party, Hollywood Limited 2012 at piazza of Bangalore’s swanky mall, UB city? You could groove on the open air dance floor with international DJs spinning non-stop favourites all night long. 

31st Dec 2012 parties in Bangalore

Your choices for international spirits and global cuisine will include the swanky mall dine-ins and watering holes like Fava, Café Noir, Toscano, City Bar and Oakwood Café.

The countdown to New Year 2013 begins in Chennai.

Getting a feeling of being all dressed up and no place to go? The New Year’s just around the end and in case you are still undecided about the party of the year then here are some places that might just help you zero in!

New Year Eve Party in Chennai

For a party that lasts the whole night, the New Year’s Eve in Chennai is the time to let your guards down and indulge in some drunken revelry; after all there should be some advantage of not driving back! And if there were some music thrown in for good measure then the result would be raising a toast to. 

New year 2013 welcome parties

If you want to walk on the wild side and let it all loose then how about adding an Arabian theme with some belly dancers thrown? Sounds interesting, doesn’t it. Wait, it only gets better with some fire-eaters flaring up the scene! Dance away 2012 in Chennai New Year Bash with the best of EDM / Retro / Hip Hop / Bollywood and much more.

Hyderabadis are obsessed with food, fun and music! What could be better than this time of the year to indulge their passion. Join us on a whirlwind tour to find out how Hyderabad is celebrating New Year’s Eve…

New Year Party 2013 Hyderabad

The Hyderabadi Restaurants and Resort will be bedecked in fairy lights offering plenty of options for food, drink, non-stop jamming, live concerts and live DJs to get into party mode. There will be all-night live food counters, packages for kids and even “nanny packages” if you want to let your hair down without the brat pack! The ambience will be the outdoors, bonfires, velvety night skies and undulating lawns.

As 2012 rushes to its end and New Year unfolds, we thought it best to ask you in who’s company would like to ring in the New Year…

New year party 2013 in Pune

Pune, among the most happening cities in the country, is bringing in the New Year in style. There are loads of places dishing out the most irresistible offers to New Year party revellers.


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