Monday, August 29, 2011

Ramadan 2011 at Mohammed Ali Road, Mumbai

Yup, that’s where the Ramadan feast is moving. At Mohammed Ali Road, Mumbai. Have you been there during the Ramadan month?

You will need a Bodyguard to make your way through the maddening crowd that gathers here to catch up on the last few remaining days for Ramadan.

Ramadan Rally on Mohammed Ali Road, Mumbai

Bohri Mohalla and Minara Masjid are the two main areas where you need to be seen in the thick of Ramadan month. It’s here where the ‘All Night Ramadan Party’ is full swing on, but there’s a price to pay for the over-sell.

Everything you eat around is going to be over-priced (festive price) or under-cooked (mass produce) during Ramadan but that’s not your main grind.

Your night is to make with the crowd, find your spot, and taste all that you crave. So if it’s kebab, firni and falooda – here’s what you should be tracking on your food map in the holy month of Ramadan.

Savour tempting Ramadan street food specially laid out for you

Food joints on Mohd Ali Road to hang out this Ramadan

Burhanpur Jalebi Centre- Churns out hot, crisp Mawa Jalebis, Shahi Tukda (Rs160/kg). 27/74, Memonwada Road. Call: 98193 12072.

Bar-B-Que Corner- Sigdi (oven) closes by 11.30pm, and their Kheeri and Kaleji (Rs20) is legendary stuff. Rush to Khara Tank Road.

Chand Harissa – The authentic Hyderabadi khichda is a treat, Rs30 (from 4pm); Tender Mutton Seekh, (Rs25) are a steal. Until 1am. Next to YMCA basketball court at Mastan Talao.

H. M. Jalil Cold Drink & Juice Centre - Desi teetotaler soda Sosyo. What’s Sosyo? Google it. At: 79/83, R. C. Wala Building, corner of Raudat Tahera Street & Khara Tank Road. Call: 2346 2237.

Hindustan Hotel-Chota kebabs and Lamb Pav. Call: 2347 6241.

Hussein ka Mini Malpua for as little as (Rs10). In front of Chinese n Grill. Instant sugar rush!

Halwa-Paratha – Any stall Rs80/kg – Rich, creamy, coloured and many flavoured, this delicacy is a staple of many festive occasions typically Ramadan. You just cannot afford to let this miss your eye – the saffron tinted gooey sweet dish with a flaky parantha to make your eyes swim among stars.

Indian Hotel – Tava fresh naan-chop (Rs18) to bheja (Rs120). 92/96, Shop No. 1/2, Khara Tank Road. Call: 2346 0687.

Idris Colddrink Sharbat - Chillers like vari yalli (saunf), (Rs10). 101, Pakmodia Street. Call: 98202 19035.

Jilani Fast Food Corner – King size stuffed Baida from (Rs30). Shop No. 6, Sana Manzil, 92/95, Pakmodia Street.

KGN Juice – Super thick, and delicious Anjeer shake (Rs25.) Corner of Gujar Street.

Nawab Seekh Kebab Corner - Seekh with deep-fried Parathas...

Noor Mohammedi Hotel - Specializes in Nalli Nihari (Rs60)...

Ramzan Mumbai: A Moveable Feast

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